In my eyes, there is nothing better than reading an amazing book on a breezy summer day with a fancy drink next to a body of water, preferably the ocean. Reading helps you learn, grow, and boosts your imagination. There is nothing more entertaining than a great book.

There are so many remarkable books out right now. It was hard to pick just a few favorites. I love reading so much that I started a book club last December. It has been one of the best decisions of 2017. I am able to share my love of reading with kickass women and it has allowed me to read books I would have otherwise not read. I would 100% recommend starting a book club in your area. We pick a host for the month and congregate over delicious food and wine while discussing the book in depth.

These six top favorites are — perfect for your summer vacation, your rooftop, or even the train to work!

Brain on Fire

Brain on Fire, an instant New York Times Bestseller, is the story of Susannah Cahalan’s struggle to quickly identity what is mentally wrong with her and recapture her identity. When she woke up in a hospital room unaware of her surrounding and unable to move or speak, she had no concept of time or how she got there. A few days earlier, she was building a life as an adult in NYC with a new boyfriend and a growing career at the New York Post. Now she was locked in a hospital room labeled as psychotic and violent. WTF happened? Check out this best summer read.

My Name is Memory

The New York Times bestselling author, Ann Brashares, pulls you into a mystical love story surrounding reincarnation and heartbreak. In this best summer reading, Daniel and Sophia have shared a love centuries long. Life after life, they are drawn to each other by love regardless of new identities and new surroundings. Regardless of the strength of their love, they are always torn apart.

While Daniel remembers every moment and feeling, he is met with an unaware Sophia who has no memory of their past at all. Once Sophia (Lucy in the present life) awakens to their shared past, they are faced with a force that has always separated them. They must learn what stands in their way if they want to finally spend a lifetime together.

Into the Water


Paula Hawkins, the author of The Girl on the Train, does again. She delivers a brilliantly written, terrifying, twisting, and deeply satisfying best summer read about two women who meet a premature death at the bottom of a river. Their deaths disrupt the river and it’s secrets. These women have left behind grieving families, secrets, and untold stories. This book centers on the devastating ways the past can grab at the present. This is a must read.

Watch Me Disappear

Billie Flanagan, a loving and well-liked suburban mother with a privileged life, never comes back from a hike she took alone. Her body was never found. The subsequent lives of her husband and daughter are empty, confusing, and secluded. Her daughter, Olive, starts having visions of her mother still alive and her father, Jonathan, starts uncovering secrets from his late wife’s past that makes him question everything. Olive and her father embark on a journey seeking the truth about Billie and about themselves in this thriller. This novel will make you question the stories you tell yourself about the people you love. This thought-provoking best summer read is a perfect choice for your book.



Paulo Coelho, the best-selling author of The Alchemist, investigates the question of what it means to truly live a happy, full life. He explores the balance between the aching need for something new and the daily routines in one’s life. He dives deep in the statements – I want to change. I need to change. I’m gradually losing touch with myself. This is one of our best summer reads.

Luckiest Girl Alive


Ani FaNelli reinvented herself from her troubling high school past. She moved to NYC and found herself a powerful job, an expensive wardrobe, and a gorgeous blue blood fiancé. She is moments away from living the perfect life she has fought to create. But as she gets closer and closer to her dream wedding, her buried past starts to haunt her daily and threatens to destroy everything. This best summer read explores the pressure most women feel to ‘have it all’. Be prepared to cancel your plans for the day. I, literally, could not put it down.




Written By: Jonna Piira, CEO of Kali

Member of the Kali Girl Tribe.