With all the new documentaries out there such as ‘Fed Up’ and ‘What the Health Documentary’ to name a few, it can be very confusing for us to decipher what is healthy for us and what isn’t. Picking what to buy at the grocery store can be a very overwhelming task. I mean WTF! One minute, butter is the devil. The next minute, eggs are as bad for you as a pack of cigarettes. What’s next? I think it’s important to educate ourselves on what’s out there, but I also think we need to enjoy life and follow the motto ‘everything in moderation’.

Bread is one of those things that gets a bad rap. Recently, I came across this new bread that everyone is talking about. It’s the new thing since sliced Ezekiel bread. Mestemacher Natural Fitness Bread has a cult-like following and, after trying it, I understand why. I definitely recommend trying it out. It can be used as a bread substitute for sandwiches or for avocado toast. I made a delicious almond butter, banana sandwich with it. To. Die. For.

Facts about Mestemacher Natural Fitness Bread:

  1. The company is located in Germany.
  2. The company has been around since 1871.
  3. It’s organic.
  4. All their bread is Kosher. They actually have a Rabbi baking
  5. It is made with only eight ingredients. I know. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.
  6. The main ingredients are whole rye, water, oat kernels, and wheat germ. The only other ingredients found in the bread are wholemeal rye flour, iodized salt, oat fiber, and yeast.
  7. The bread has ZERO preservatives.
  8. Due to a special pasteurization process, it has a 6-month shelf life.
  9. It has double the fiber of whole-grain bread.
  10. It tastes dense and nutty (but it’s nut-free) from all the whole grains it’s made with.
  11. You can buy it at Amazon, Instacart, or Vitacost.

Written By: Jonna Piira, CEO of Kali

Member of the Kali Girl Tribe.