We, at Kali, believe that mental health is a very important part of overall health. As the founder of Kali, I want to continue to share pieces of my mental health journey. I think that we have all had our struggles in life and sharing them with one another will help us to continue to grow.

I have shared this with all of you before, but I have been in recovery from an eating disorder for 15 + years. It started with restricting, which over the years led to a clinical eating disorder. I bounced from all different types of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia nervosa, and over-exercising, while counting calories every hour and weighing myself so many times a day I lost count. Yes…It was just as awful as it sounds.

By college, my life was fully consumed by my eating disorder. I was a prisoner in my own mind and body. I subconsciously knew that if I spent one more month in that cycle I would die. I had a moment of clarity and I emailed my parents about my eating disorder, treatment options, and that their daughter had one. My journey in recovery started that year when I put myself into Renfrew, an in-patient treatment facility.

Now I run an Eating Disorder Recovery Group with Nikki Ostrower and Jamie Bailey once a month in NYC at Nao Wellness. If you haven’t been to their space, you have to check it out. They run all types of amazing workshops from reiki healing to manifestation workshops. They also have an infrared sauna that I am obsessed with.

I truly believe is that recovery is a journey and one that lasts a lifetime. Do I have still have eating disorder voices in my head? No. However, I am continually working on self growth and using healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress etc. I have consistently gone to therapy throughout my entire recovery and I love it.

Five years ago, I was introduced to an unbelievable therapist named Traci Dobrev and a new form of therapy called NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). Working with her through NET has changed my life in such an incredible way. I would have loved to have been introduced to her earlier in my recovery…but everything in life happens at the right time.

What is NET?

NET, also known as energy psychology, is based on physiological stress-related responses. The physiological status of the body is emotionally replicating a similar state that was created by the original event.

How is it different from traditional therapy?

Well, traditional therapy and NET both are focused on healing you and bringing harmony to an area of your life that has pain and hardship. The main difference between the two is that NET uses the body, not just the mind, to help heal your pain. The belief of NET is that everything is connected and emotions are seen as physiological not just psychological.

Here is a great example from Traci Dobrev:

Let’s say someone has a fear of speaking in public. Traditional therapy will focus on your fears and focus on eliminating that fear by talking through it. NET will focus on the energy meridian system within the body to find the original trigger of the fear. Then, through a process of focusing on the fear and holding the meridian points, the nervous system is neutralized from the trigger of public speaking. Both approaches can be effective, but NET is usually faster. NET works with the limbic system and the brain stem directly, which typically creates much faster results.

Benefits of NET and working with Traci:

  • You will learn what patterns are impacting your life
  • You will learn the difference between wants and needs
  • You will understand both conscious and non-conscious learning
  • You will learn how patterns attach to conscious and non-conscious beliefs
  • You will be able to break down your own patterns by learning why you do them in the first place
  • Then you will learn how to change your actions

My experience:

Working with Traci through NET has helped understand the aspects of my brain and body and how they subconsciously record information. NET has helped me understand how my beliefs have been memorizes in my body and mind throughout my life and how they can negatively impact me. With this understanding and the help of Traci, we have been able to clear these subconscious triggers and create positive outcomes. This work has also allowed me to understand why I act certain ways and why certain subconscious triggers have impacted my response to events. I have been able to clear these thought patterns and take more positive, conscious actions to break limiting patterns in my day-to-day life.

Please check out Connection Point Coaching and Traci Dobrev here. She is based in Tampa at: 6601 Memorial Highway #202 Tampa, FL 33615. Telephone Number: 813-629-4275.