When you’re suffering from menstrual cramps, fatigue and hormones all over the place, having sex on your period is probably the last thing you want to do. You’re not exactly feeling sexy and at the top of your game during this time of the month. Not to mention the idea of having to clean up a bloody mess as one more chore you have to complete isn’t appealing. But period sex is a thing and here’s why you should be giving it a try.

#1 It reduces menstrual cramps.

Orgasms release endorphins, oxytocin and dopamine, helping alleviate cramps pains and working like a natural painkiller. Not only will feel relief from your cramps, you’ll also find your mood uplifted. It’s a win-win for everyone.

#2 It can shorten your period.

With every orgasm your uterus contracts, shedding your period lining faster than your body would be able to on its own. Dispelling these compounds inside the uterus can also help relieve the cramps that they’re causing.

#3 The sex will feel better.

Your ovaries release a hormone called progesterone before ovulation to prepare for egg fertilization. If there’s no egg to be fertilized your progesterone levels decrease as your body breaks down the thickened lining. Since this hormone reduces libido, this is why you feel horny right before and during your period. And as you ovulate, your estrogen and testosterone levels skyrocket leading to a higher sex drive. It seems a bit of a waste to not try having sex when your body is naturally lubed up and revved to go despite its other less fortunate symptoms.

#4 Your and your partner won’t be drenched in a pool of blood.

If having period sex gives you nightmares of you and your partner drowning in a sea of blood, have no fear. This and any other nightmare rendition won’t happen, because your body doesn’t gush out blood constantly during your period. Your uterus ejects blood slowly over a period of time (on average three to four tablespoons over a three to five day period) so you may find there isn’t even any mess at all at the end. If your partner is comfortable with bodily fluids, which is what sex is all about anyways, you may find he actually doesn’t mind.

#5 It increases intimacy.

You don’t exactly let anyone have period sex with you nor does a guy go around doing it with any random girl he meets. It takes a certain level of trust and maturity, and once done, it can deepen the bond between you and your partner. Kind of like the bond between Bella Thorne and Edward Cullen.

Written By: Andrea Lee, @organicbeautylover