Before I tried meditating, I had no idea how powerful it could be. Due to my personal positive shifts, I started to do some research. I learned that meditation can literally rewire your brain and can it can transform all areas of your life. There is scientific proof that meditation can rewire our brains for peace and happiness. It’s important to be consistent and patient with your practice. Changes are not immediate in most cases. Here are 6 reasons to start meditating now:

#1 Reduces stress.

Meditation is very effective at reducing anxiety and stress especially when practiced for over a three month period. It can reduce the density of brain tissue that is tied to anxiety. Meditation can also improve stress-related conditions like PTSD and irritable bowel syndrome.

#2 Increases your sense of wellbeing.

Meditation can increase psychological functioning which in turn will improve your sense of well-being. I noticed this shift when I started taking yoga classes and even more when I started meditating regularly. Yoga and meditation have both been found to have positive therapeutic effects and increase your quality of life.

#3 Promotes emotional health.

Meditation has been found to create a more positive outlook on life. It can help reduce depression. Meditation reduces inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. They are released in our body due to stress and can cause depression. Meditation reduces cytokines. Meditated has also been shown to increase positive thinking and optimism.

#4 Enhances self-awareness.

Meditation can also bring you a stronger understanding of yourself. It can help with self awareness and help you become your best self. Specifically, self-inquiry meditation focuses on helping you develop a better understanding of who you are and how you relate to the people in your life. This type of meditation creates awareness of your thought patterns and helps change them to be more constructive.

#5 Meditation improves relationships.

Are you having issues in some of your personal relationships? Meditation can help you connect with people in your life and increase your ability to relate to them. How? It can improve your ability to gauge other people’s emotions and empathize with them. It also can help emotional stability reducing the impact of negative relationships in your life.

#6 Improves sleep.

Fifty percent of the population has issues with sleeping. This can cause a lot of other health issues. Meditation can improve sleep by helping you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep. Your meditation practice can help calm the racing thoughts in your mind which can lead to insomnia.