Any time that you have vaginal discharge after your period, you may feel a bit concerned. Generally, vaginal discharge is nothing to be concerned about and it is a normal occurrence.There are several reasons why you might have normal discharge after a period. The biggest reason is hormonal changes and is completely normal. As you go through your cycle each month, your body produces different hormones. When those hormones fluctuate, it can cause vaginal discharge. Another cause of vaginal discharge could be related to stress or could be related to not having your period on time. For some women, especially those of child bearing age, a discharge helps to signal fertile times.

After your period, your cycle restarts and when you start having discharge similar to egg whites, you are ovulating and ready to conceive. Vaginal discharge can also occur when aroused and some women mistake that kind of discharge as something to be concerned about. Some women find that they get arousal fluid even when they are not thinking about intercourse or being intimate. This is a normal occurrence for many women and not harmful in any way. For some women, slight vaginal discharge has no explanation and is just an occurrence that they have with no ill side effect.

When to Be Concerned

While it is fine to have a normal discharge after period, you will want to make sure that you get anything abnormal checked out by your doctor. If your vaginal discharge is unusual, causes itching, a rash or has a bad odor to it, you will want to make sure that you make an appointment with your doctor to be checked out. You can also prevent vaginal discharge by making sure that you keep healthy and stay in shape. Avoiding stress can help as well. When you have your period, you will also want to make sure that you change your tampons regularly to avoid any type of infections.

While cramps and period can be uncomfortable and vaginal discharge may be unpleasant, they are perfectly normal and part of being a woman. Remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of water as this will help to keep your hormones balanced. Remember that most vaginal discharge is completely normal and will not put you at any risk or harm you in any way but if you have doubts or just want to set your mind at ease, speak with your doctor.