I am not going to lie; I have days where I let things easily get to me. I have days where I constantly feel defeated and down and second-guess everything I have ever done. Times like these, it’s easy to give up on yourself. I have learned and developed different tools that help me go from feeling drab to feeling fab.

Surrounding myself with positive people who genuinely love me and want the best for me is top on my list. It’s good to have people who you can constantly count on. When you have good people by your side, you will never feel completely alone. The people in my life have not only made me who I am and are a shoulder to lean on, but they are people I aspire to be.

I do have nights where I toss and turn with stress, and know it’s too late to pick up the phone and call someone. It’s times like these where I need to find my own coping mechanisms. Two outlets I have found amazingly reliable are: music and yoga. If I listen to a good song, it brings me to a good place. Yoga helps me focus on solely my breathing, relaxes me, and gets rid of any nasty thought in my head. Check out Benefits of the Infrared Sauna.

Finding places to put that negative energy has been a saving grace for me. I have never been one to want to workout until recently when I realized how helpful it was for my anxiety. Running on a treadmill makes me feel as though I have full control of my life. Exercise gives you endorphins, and endorphins make you happy! Finding a niche that you love is exciting and gives you something to look forward to.

Creative outlets are also helpful. Like I said, I love working out and listening to music, but I also love to be creative and take things into my own hands. Something I love to do is to act out a scene about someone who is going through similar emotions. It helps get my frustration out. I know if sounds silly, but sometimes I even choreograph a dance. You can’t be sad and dance at the same time. I dare you to try.

Lastly, I recommend setting goals for yourself and celebrate accomplishing them. You might be in your own head and think you’re not good enough, or you can’t do it. However, if you take it step-by-step and be aware of how much you accomplish, you will feel amazing! It’s also okay women, go ahead and love yourself. Work up to something. Set a goal and when you accomplish that goal pick a reward to treat yourself to. It makes you feel like you have earned that new pair of shoes, cup of coffee, or 10-minute break. Each person is unique and has their own doubts and problems, but everyone has them. You are not alone. You can get through it…it just starts with the how. Find what works best for you and run with it!

5 Ways to Stay Positive:

  1. Surround yourself around supportive, caring people.
  2. Listen to uplifting music.
  3. Get moving. Do Yoga or the exercise of your choice.
  4. Find a creative outlet.
  5. Set goals and rewards for yourself.

By: Rachel Hope of The Concrete Blonde