Do you know how to keep your vagina happy? We are here to help!

#1. Wear breathable, cotton underwear. We talked about this in a previous article. Check it out here.

#2. Wipe from front to back always. If you wipe in the opposite way, you could possibly transfer bacteria from your rectum to your urethra. This can cause a UTI, which can be extremely painful. You definitely want to avoid getting one. Trust us.

#3. Sleep naked. This can help keep your vagina healthy. It can help your vagina breathe. It can also help you feel empowered and comfortable with your body. We dare you to try it tonight.

#4. Check your menstrual products. Do you even know what ingredients are in your tampons and pads? Kali period products are made with 100% organic cotton. That’s it. Make the switch today to organic cotton menstrual products. The chemicals in toxic tampons can really irritate your vagina.

#5. Don’t douche. Don’t do it! Douching can be really harmful to your pH levels in your vagina and can remove some of your healthy bacteria. This could make you more susceptible to infections. Your vagina is actually really good at cleaning itself. Let it do it’s job.

#6. Do you know what is in your lubricant? Make sure the one you use is all-natural. We are all about lube. However, all lubricants are not made equal. Avoid these ingredients: glycerin, petroleum, parabens, flavors, dyes, and fragrance. We really like Good Clean Love. It’s organic, free of the bad things you want to avoid, and smells good.

#7. Practice safe sex. We all know that safe sex is important, but really…it is. Stay safe by: using protection, get tested regularly for STDs, and know what is ingredients are in the condoms you use.

#8. Pee after sex. This is so important. You don’t want to end up with a UTI. They are so painful. Just make it a rule. After sex, go to the bathroom and pee. It’s that simple.