Molly Rosen, the author of Stone Fox Bride: Love, Lust, and Wedding Planning for the Wild at Heart, shares her tips for surviving your first year of marriage. We also think that they are great tips for an overall healthy relationship whether you have been dating for a few months or a few years. We think it’s a great guide to building a loving, happy, balanced relationship. The more genuine and real you are, the more real, honest love you will receive from your partner. Check out these ten tips.

#1 Solo Bathroom Time is Essential

We completely agree with Molly here. Of course it is very tempting to treat your significant other like your BFF, but trust us….don’t with bathroom time. Privacy around bodily fluids is very important to keep your boundaries and to stay feeling sexy with on another.

#2 Encourage Guy Time

Don’t consume all of his free time. Your lives shouldn’t only revolve around meeting each other’s needs. It’s important for each of you to spend time with your friends individually.

#3 Do Date Night

Shave, shower, make reservations somewhere chic, put on a sexy dress, and enjoy time together. It’s a different feeling to dress up for date night rather than staying in in sweats. All relationships require time and work.

#4 A Couple That Snoozes Together Stays Together

Make it a point to go to bed together at the same time. It helps create a healthy relationship. Take time to snuggle and talk before turning off the lights.

#5 Celebrate the Milestones

Holidays and anniversaries should be remembered and celebrated. It’s important to figure out where you both stand with gifts. Are gifts important to you? Are they important to him? If so, make it something you do for each other. Celebrated moments are key to a successful relationship. Recharge together as a couple.

#6 Don’t Snoop

Look there are times when it is tempting. We have been there. However, trust us….don’t do it. Once you open pandoras box, it’s very hard to close. If you have a reason to be suspicious, instead of playing private investigator go to couples therapy together. Work it out with a third party.

#7 It’s All in the Details

Molly states that connecting with each other doesn’t have to be really deep, but it has to be there in your relationship. Whether it’s cuddling in bed for an extra 10 minutes, holding hands to the grocery store, or surprising him with a massage, small gestures speak volumes. Do them often.

#8 Have Sex

Do it, even when you are tired or don’t feel like it. If you are doing it three times a week, that’s fantastic. However, make sure it’s at least once a week. After a healthy menstruation, physical contact is very important in a relationship. Sex will keep you connected on a cellular level. It’s important every once in awhile to put on sexy lingerie and surprise him. A sweat suit homebody doesn’t create a passionate sex life. It takes work. Put the time in. You both deserve it.

#9 Call His Parents

Don’t neglect his family. At a minimum, every week take a selfie of the two of you and send it out with a quick note to show you are thinking of them.

#10 Invite Friends Over

Whenever you both decide to entertain and have friends over, it gives you the extra push to fix things around the house. It’s so nice to light candles, get fresh flowers, and cook for family and friends. It’s amazing to fill your house with so much love. It will build your connection with one another.