Did you know that the average person comes in contact with 515 chemicals every single day? Crazy, isn’t it? While you can’t completely eradicate chemicals from your life, you can do your best to reduce the amount by choosing the right products. We’ve listed a few of the most common chemicals so you can be more aware and check the ingredients of your products for these nasties. You probably haven’t even heard of some of these before, but they can be lurking in the products we use daily. Ekkkk!

#1 Phthalates ( tha-lats)

These guys are literally everywhere. From hairspray to nail polish…shower curtains to food packaging. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) say that swallowing, inhaling, or even touching products that contain these can cause reproductive issues and even cancer. Switch to products that are free of Phthalates like our favorite nail polish brand Sundays Studio.

#2 Triclosan (tro-klo-san)

Triclosan, an anti-microbial chemical, was banned from soap by the FDA, but guess what it’s still found in? Toothpaste! And in one of the most popular brands, nonetheless. It can be absorbed right into your bloodstream and put you at risk for some serious hormonal and gut issues. Switch to natural, chemical free toothpaste, like our one of our favorites, Wildist.

#3 Dioxins (di-ak-sen)

This is a highly toxic compound that is a result of the bleaching process or herbicide production. While the biggest culprit is food, mainly meat, dairy, and fish, it is also found in conventional period care products. Dioxin has been linked to reproductive and immune issues and cancer. So why would we want that in a product we are inserting into one of the most permeable parts of our body? Change to chemical free, organic cotton period care like ours today.

#4 Aluminum

This substance is found in things like cans, tin foil, and pans. Most people are exposed to this chemical through food. Did you know we consume about 7-9 mg every day? It is also the main antiperspirant ingredient in a lot of deodorants on the market. Research suggests that it can be associated with bone, brain, and kidney disease as well as breast cancer. Use aluminum free deodorant like our go-to’s from Primally Pure and Piper Wai.

#5 1,4-Dioxane (dia-ok-sein)

This synthetic chemical is found in shampoos, cosmetics, dyes, deodorants, and food supplements even though it has been classified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a known carcinogen. The problem is that 1,4-Dioxane is not listed as an ingredient on products so check out this article for more information on how to properly identify it. We recommend hair care from Rahua. Their products are absolutely incredible and chemical free.

Happy checking! You got this!