With March here, we all know that Winter is coming to an end. Yet we still work long and stressful hours to get through the remaining days of the season. For some of us, a girls night with friends can be a huge relief. We put together this list to help you rock an ultimate girls night in to keep warm and cozy.

#1 Ruggable

While preparing for the girls to arrive, it is important for a place to be cleaned up. But some messes can happen on one of our most notable decorations: the rug. For some of us, a spilled drink, a bottle of nail polish, or shedding from a furry friend can ruin the whole thing. This is why the Ruggable rugs are great for a night in; not only do they look great, but they’re so easy to keep clean.

These rugs were manufactured to fit multiple decor styles, and with their “cling effect technology” they’re guaranteed to stay on their pads the entire night. Best of all, when it gets dirty all you need to do is throw it in the washing machine. They’re also hypoallergenic, made of 95% recycled polyester and are safe for pets, making it great for just about any living space.

#2 Sheree Cosmetics

What’s a good girls night in without a little bit of girl talk about the latest and greatest makeup trends? Finding good makeup for everyone’s taste can be hard, especially if some people want cruelty-free makeup and without having it hurt the wallet. Sheree cosmetics offers a collection of cosmetics that are both vegan friendly and affordable.

They have several kinds of eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks that are rich in color. In addition, they have false eyelashes made with 3D silk that are good for up to 40 wears. Yup, you heard us, falsies for every occasion with proper care.

#3 Cuvee Beauty

Of course what’s a night of pampering without some hair care? Cuvee hair care adds a new take on conventional shampoo and conditioner. By using champagne extracts (what an amazing pairing) as a primary ingredient, hair is left silky, smooth, and more manageable after one use.

In addition, champagne extract provides plenty of antioxidants to keep your hair and scalp stronger and healthier. And for anyone who enjoys coloring their hair it’s completely safe for it.

#4 Livia

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the potential of mother nature ruining a fun night in. Be it with girlfriends or alone, a period can truly be unpredictable, but its cramps can always be painful and Livia can make sure it goes pain-free. Unlike most painkillers, the Livia is a gadget that attaches to the stomach, sends electric pulses through the body, and interrupts pain singles to provide instant relief, which makes it ideal to go with any of our monthly boxes.

#5 Cuddl Duds

We also know very well that a girl’s night in is a time to get comfy while binging Netflix shows. Comfortable loungewear is a must. It has to be cute and comfy at the same time. This is why we love Cuddl Duds. There clothing is great for keeping you super comfy and warm, which makes them ideal for a cold night with friends or even alone.


#7 Throw Blankets

We all love to be underneath the blankets during a girl’s night in. For some of us ladies, we know that pajamas aren’t enough to stay warm during a cold night. And what’s a better way to stay warm than a nice throw blanket? One of our favorites is the West Elm Herringbone Soft Touch Throw. Which will truly be great for making any night in warm and cozy.