happy period, #happyperiod

That luxury aside, we can also very easily walk into any drugstore and pick up a box of tampons or pads if we must. Sure, it’s semi-embarrassing buying them (for some), if the cashier happens to be a guy. But, most of us probably don’t even care at this point, because we are so about to banish the period stigma for good, anyway.

PMS, preventing PMS symptoms

I bet you can’t even imagine a world where you can’t do the aforementioned things, right? I definitely can’t, which is why this new video series is so great.

Period Piece is new web series that is equal parts informative and hilarious. Each video shines a spotlight on a different period of history and how women in that era dealt with getting their periods. *Spoiler Alert* — it sucked.

The creator of the series, Liana Tandon, said in a recent interview with Seventeen Magazine: “While an important goal of the show is to make you laugh, it will hopefully empower and encourage young women to take ownership of their bodies, and to feel proud of what their bodies can do. And because the episodes are based on historical research, they’re informative too!”

Rock on with your bad self, sister.

There are multiple videos to the series, already, and you can find them all on the series’ YouTube page. Below is my personal favorite, but feel free to see what else these hysterical women have come up with.

Seriously. It’s too good.