When it comes to the labyrinth of the female body, there are plenty of enticing pleasures that we know to be true. Whether it’s mastering the delicate art of the tried-and-true clitoral climax or testing the waters of the coveted G-spot orgasm, it seems as though we could eventually have it all figured out. However, just when we think we know the deepest capabilities of our bodies, something new has come into the picture.

The Cervix.

The cervix is typically known as the canal of childbirth or for the uncomfortable pap smear. The cervix being known for an orgasm is uncharted territory. It is described by guru’s, tantra lovers, and sex experts to be a full-body implosion of pleasure, sexual release, and total euphoria. We can achieve this “next-level” state, but it takes time, mindfulness, and the right partner. Below are some tips that will set you off on your journey of deep exploration. Keep in mind every female body is different. Pay attention to what develops and manifests for you as an individual. It’s about finding a new form of heightened pleasure and personal discovery.

Cervical Orgasm Broken Down:

A cervical orgasm is achieved through deep penetration. You’ve probably experienced the uncomfortable feeling when a partner goes to deep. They are essentially (and quite awkwardly) hitting the front wall of the cervix. While some men may believe jackhammering is fabulous, it’s absolutely not the way to achieve the holy grail of orgasms. While this sensation is uncomfortable and not arousing during sex, it’s the area where a cervical orgasm is achieved.

Essentially, your vagina has three layers of opening. The first is the actual opening of the vagina. The second is the releasing of the pelvic floor revealing the g-spot allowing you to become more comfortable with larger “objects”. The third layer of the vagina is the entrance of the cervical wall.

It’s important to be relaxed and in the right state of mind when attempting this organism. Warm things up with foreplay and go through the routine that brings you to almost orgasm during regular sex. Once you are at a heightened state either with a partner or a toy, start to shift the energy towards deeper penetration. Ever so slightly start applying and holding pressure. Massage the back of the vagina (the opening of the cervix). At first, it will feel a little too deep and a bit uncomfortable, but try to breath into it and move with the motion. Breathing and moving will help open the cervix ever so slightly. With time and focus, the penis will slowly penetrate the cervix. This will build up an immense amount of pleasure that can lead to an extremely powerful, full body orgasm.

The Best Ways To Achieve This A-Spot Orgasm:

1. Take Your Time.

Foreplay and getting warmed up plays a huge factor in achieving this type of orgasm. You want to make sure that you are relaxed, safe, grounded, and well lubricated. There is a reason this type of orgasm is full-body, more difficult to achieve, and quite unheard of.  It won’t happen quickly. Take as much time as you need. Try starting with a sensual massage or tantric oral sex to open yourself up.

2. Make Sure It’s With The Right Partner.

A cervical orgasm should be explored with only those you are extremely comfortable with due to the amount of connection, time, and energy that goes into. Make sure it’s with a partner who will move slowly with you and help your body relax. When achieving this type of orgasm, it feels like a massive hit of oxytocin (the love hormone), so it’s important to trust your partner with this heart opening experience.

3. Listen to Your Body.

At first, it might be uncomfortable. The best way to move from discomfort into a sensual feeling is by applying various amounts of pressure slowly to the cervix. Don’t force the feeling or work through too much pain. If you are relaxed and extremely turned on, it should only be a new sensation and slightly uncomfortable. As you feel the pressure, take a big deep breath. As you exhale, try to relax and apply more pressure. If the sensation becomes too intense, slowly release the amount of pressure that is being applied. Your body will become more and more receptive as you continue. Do not force it at any point.

4. Communicate with Your Partner.

This is a slow process that builds over time. It is important to communicate to your partner how you are feeling. It might be helpful to learn how to master the opening of the cervix on your own through toys before try this with your partner. Once you start to feel your cervix opening, it’s important to guide your partner and help your partner move with you. This will allow your bodies to sync and build the energy up together.

5. Switch Up The Positions.

There are a few positions that emphasize the angle needed for a cervical orgasm. Switching between them can help differentiate what works for you. Doggie style or laying on your stomach allows your partner to angle towards the back of the vagina closer to the cervix. Another great position for this type of orgasm is to lay on your back with a pillow under the sacrum to lift the pelvis up. You can also try achieving this orgasm at different times of the month as the cervix drops lower right before menstruation.

Remember to breathe through each position, take your time, and listen to your body. Ogranic tampons.

Written for Kali By: Jordyn Kraemer, @TheBlondeVagabond