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The Reproductive, Menstrual & Sexual Health Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following.

There are lot of movements going around the social media universe that are worth paying attention to. Hashtag search #bodypositivity and #ibelieveher and you’ll find 62 million posts and 62,000 posts, respectively, talking about the topics that matter to women.  Kali Periodical discusses a lot of these topics besides organic tampons, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be further inspired by the wealth of online inspiration available on Instagram. Below are some of the most unique and informative ones to follow:

#1 Nicole Jardim

Nicole is a women’s Hormonal Health + Period Expert helping women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s reclaim their hormonal health and feminine vitality naturally. She also runs a podcast called The Period Party Podcast and an informative blog filled with information on PMS, periods, birth control, and more. Check out the account here.

#2 Pink Bits

This Australian artist has amassed a following of nearly 70,000 with her super cute illustrations of “the bits and shapes we’re told to hide.” Her account celebrate all women’s bodies in all shapes, colors and sizes and our bodily functions. Check out the account here.

#3 We Are Happy Period

With 21,000 followers  #HappyPeriod is a social movement aiming to reshape the outlook on menstruation in the form of an Instagram account. They also provide period products to low income & homeless communities. They have amazing empowering messages in their posts and they also sell T-shirts with these messages. Check them out here.

#4 Blood Cycle Community

Blood Cycle Community is a community of menstrual health seekers spreading awareness and advocacy for #HormonalHealth#periodrepair, and #menstruationmatters. Their feed is full of spotlights on notable community members, empowering quotes, and impactful images. Check out the account here.


#5 Menstugram

This Berlin-based Instagram account is probably the most shocking of all the accounts with a feed solely featuring shots of actual period blood like it’s art. Yes it looks a little bit like scenes of a crime scene, but it also begs the question why can’t it be art? Check them out here.


#6 Foria Wellness

Foria Wellness is a CBD sexual wellness company making lubricants, suppositories, and now vape pens using CBD-rich hemp extract. They also have one of the most creative sexual wellness accounts out there that generates a ton of interesting conversations via the comments. Check them out here.


#7 Amanda Laird

Amanda is a holistic nutritionist and wellness advocate who’s also the host of The Heavy Flow Podcast. She discusses a variety of taboo topics like menstruation, reproductive health, and pregnancy. Check this account here.

#8 Period Love

Jamie Watkins runs a blog, workshops, and retreats focusing on cultivating womb health, menstruation, and learning to connect with your body. A believer in the feminine divine, Jamie offers the tools for you to explore the unique superpowers available throughout the different phases of your monthly cycle. Check this account here.