It’s rare to find a skincare line that doesn’t categorize its products by skin type. Acneic skin? Use this. Dry skin? Try this. Mature skin? This one’s for you. We’ve been conditioned to believe that certain skin types deserve different formulas and rituals. But what if that’s not true? What if skincare can be a one-size-fits-all, because it addresses the root cause of skin issues, instead of glossing over them? That’s what we’ve discovered with Hawaiian skincare line Honua Skincare. Named for the Hawaiian word for Earth (Honua), this potent line is infused with unique botanicals that its esthetician founder, Kapua Browning, realized helped her sun-damaged and hyper-pigmented skin. The success with their Hawaiian skincare ritual, lies in its traditional approach to healing.

What is a traditional healing approach?

In traditional healing, the healer looks at the root cause of the conditions one is experiencing, rather than trying to mask individual symptoms. For example, in traditional medicine you are treated based on the “why” and root source of the conditions you are experiencing, where as in western medicine, you may be given treatment based on a single condition you are having or multiple treatments/medicine for each symptom.

Founder of Honua Skincare was born and raised in Hawaii, where she received mainly Hawaiian and Eastern healing for health issues, growing up and then married a man who practiced the art of la’au lapa’au or Hawaiian healing with plants. When she became an esthetician 12 years ago, she began looking at skin conditions the same way she had been trained to look at health.

After researching heavily she found the main causes of most skin conditions. Inflammation was one the main root source, but she also found that free radicals and oxidation also contributed, along with improper exfoliation and hydration. So she looked to Hawaiian healing botanicals that addressed these root causes, and was able able to develop a single line for all skin types and conditions. This treating healing approach, along with the proper Hawaiian botanicals, have successfully treated acne, rosacea, hyper-pigmentation, pre-mature aging, dehydrated and dry skin.

What key ingredients help support the traditional healing approach and suitability for all skin types?

Ōlena (Hawaiian Turmeric) is the anti-inflammatory powerhouse, Noni is the anti-oxidant, phyto-nutrient rich free radical fighter, ‘Alo ‘Alo (hibiscus) acts as our gentle exfoliant for all skin types, and Kukui and Kamani Oil are non-comedogenic oils that are rich in skin reviving omega fatty acids, and have been known to help with skin regeneration and scarring. Pa’akai or Hawaiian Salt, along with Laukahi are deeply cleansing and healing. There are many more Hawaiian botanicals used in Honua’s lineup, but these are some key botanicals, which Honua attributes to the success of the line.

Have you found yourself deciding which products to buy for which skin conditions… when you have multiple concerns?

This is very common. So before you start buying 10 different products to tackle each individual skin concern… Sun spots/damage, hormonal acne breakouts, fine lines, dryness, dull skin, redness and sensitivity, try looking to lines that offer 1 simple solution for your many concerns.

Honua is not the only line drawing from traditional wisdom. There are brands that share cultural ingredients and root philosophies from around the world… India, Africa and Asia to name a few. These past few years have been really exciting for the beauty and skincare industry. More and more customers are looking for brands that use clean and natural ingredients that perform. Green Beauty is definitely making waves, but performance is key, so why not try a brand that is sharing traditional methodologies and botanicals that have been providing results for centuries.

Written By: Honua Skincare