Like it or not, sexting is the new normal for Gen Z, who are entering or are in college, and millenials. While it does come with risks (hello revenge pornography), sexting is so normal now, it’s considered a healthy part of a relationship. It also allows young people to explore and express their sexuality without the need for physical intercourse and typically happens a couple dates in. For couples it can help build intimacy in the relationship, especially long-distance ones, or spice up a romance that’s hit a plateau. And it can all be done in the comfort of your own room with the ability to stop the interaction at any time (more power for us). Below I share some tips to improve your sext life.

#1 Find Examples on the Internet.

I don’t think of any us are naturally great sexters, and like with any skill, it takes practice and learning by example. Do a quick internet search for sext examples and you’ll find a ton. Pick and choose what you like best and add your own personal touch. Reddit has some of the best.

#2 Start off Gently.

You absolutely don’t need to reply or instigate sexting with the raunchiest text ever uttered by mankind. Being ambiguous, using a subtle play on words, or lightly teasing is a good way to begin building sexual tension. Think of it like reaching the big O- the more tension you build the more fantastic it is. So don’t feel the need to be sexual right away, and opt for suggestive. When you should start sexting varies depending on the dynamic and individual. If he hasn’t already instigated, then wait until you’ve gone on at least several dates and have built trust and an emotional connection.

#3 Do it while at Work.

Just don’t get caught doing it ! But there’s something wild about doing it when you’re both supposed to be working and remaining professional. Take a bathroom or snack room break so you’re not texting while at your desk (unless you have a closed office).

#4 A Picture is Powerful, but Whatever You Do, Don’t Include Your Face.

Always show from the neck down. If you have no idea how to send a nude, all you need to do is scroll through the Instagram pages of THOTs. If you don’t know how to find THOTs, scroll through the Following list of any heterosexual guy you know on Instagram and you’re bound to find them.

#5 Add Emojis to Your Sexts.

Emojis will elevate your sext life, period. The best ones are any one of the kissy faces, the tongue, winky face and hearts.

#6 Express How His Sexts are Making You Feel.

Guys get enormous satisfaction from knowing how they’re making you feel. It gives them a major ego boost and turns them on even more. So tell him how his sexts are turning you on and in all the different ways.

Mark*, 26, and a teacher in Orange County says, « I say be very descriptive and direct it towards the pleasure of the individual. Also, always use the word cock, never penis or dick. »

Here are some examples you can use when you want to turn your man on instantly:

I’m feeling a little empty without you L Mind filling me up?

I’m getting wet just thinking about you (insert emoji).

Can I touch myself to the thought of you ?

I miss the taste of you.

I need every inch of you right now.

 *names have been changed

Written By: Andrea Lee, @organicbeautylover