Want to add a little excitement into your sex life? It’s always fun to mix it up a bit and throw some spice into your relationship. We challenge you to try one of these with your partner this month. Here are some tips to keep it fun and not an utter disaster.

#1 On a Boat in the Ocean or on a Lake

It can be really exciting to get hot and heavy in the evening on a boat in the ocean or on a lake. There is just enough privacy, but adds enough risk to make it feel thrilling and different. Someone might see you and that adds to the thrill of it all. One tip: don’t use a canoe unless you want to end up in the murky water late at night.

#2 Picnic Blanket on the Beach or the Lifeguard Stand

There is nothing more romantic than being intimate looking at the ocean. It truly makes beach sex so great. It’s important to use a big picnic blanket in order to avoid sand in uncomfortable places.  Also, make sure to bring an extra towel to keep things a bit private. The point is to be a little risky, but we don’t need to show our private parts to the world. No one wants to see that.

#3 Sex Under the Stars

Laying under the stars in a field or by a camp fire is magical. Take a break from city life and sneak out to a field outside in the country side with a blanket, some wine, and sex on your mind. Let yourself enjoy the moment and see where the night takes you.

#4 An Apartment or Hotel Stairwell

We know it sounds a little weird, but we promise that it can be thrilling. It’s public, but, in reality, it’s actually pretty private since most people use the elevator. We dare you to try it.

#5 Your Office 

There are so many places to play at your place of work. You could close your door to your office. You could get a little wild in your conference room after hours. You could even excuse yourselves to the bathroom at the same time. It all depends on the level of risk you are willing to take. We promise, it will be worth it even after your period days.

#6 Airplane

This one is as tricky as it sounds. It’s much easier to get away with something if you are flight international in business class. The bathroom are roomier and the staff tends to relax a bit more in the middle of the night. Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t want to join the mile high club?