Even the friskiest of females goes through a sexual rut once in a while, especially when she’s in a long-term relationship. Here are a few tips to get your libido on and popping’ in case it’s been more flop than pop lately.

Skip the alcohol.

Although it may seem that alcohol increases your desire to get it on, it actually decreases your performance by cutting down on natural lubricant, AKA, your vag gets dry when you drink. Alcohol is also a depressant so it’s not doing much in the way of producing endorphins…and we’re no doctors but happy people have sex.


For the reasons articulated above. Exercise produces endorphins, or natural mood enhancers. Additionally, a great sweat session (before the other sweat session) can improve your body image which definitely boosts confidence in the bedroom.

Grab Some Dark Chocolate.

Yeah, it’s actually encouraged. Chocolate releases serotonin in your brain, which boosts your mood. Oysters and asparagus (despite the inevitable smell of your pee) are actually libido boosting foods as well.

Buy a new piece of lingerie.

No this is not backed by a scientific study, but a quick survey of the women sitting within earshot of this blogger confirm that a pretty little something from your favorite purveyor of unmentionables is just the ticket for bringing sexy back.

Watch some porn and/or masturbate.

If you can get past the poor production quality and overall lack of storyline (why is most porn so, so bad??), it can actually be a great way for you and your partner to get in the mood. If you don’t have a working internet connection, you can always default to some good ‘ole fashion masturbation. The more sex you have, even if it’s with yourself, the more sex you’ll want to have–with yourself, or your partner.

Also keep in mind–the best kind of sex is safe sex. So make sure once you’re in the mood, you’re getting down in a responsible way. What works for you Kali Girls? Share your libido-boosting tips in the comments below! Just make sure you visit our organic tampon company for amazing products.