Let’s stop being ashamed of our periods! 5 Reasons to EMBRACE your period:

  1. Periods are a natural cleanser and flushes out toxins.
  2. Periods are a positive indicator of your health.
  3. Periods are an awesome way to bond with others.
  4. It’s a perfect excuse to do some self care!
  5. Periods make you age slower due to the loss of iron. Iron produces free radicals which increases the chances of developing age-related diseases.

What is one thing most girls have in common? The dreaded period. Once a month, most of us exhibit terrible stomach cramps, excruciating back pains, horrible mood swings, and impossible cravings. Looking back at the past 12 years that I’ve shared with mine, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions.

I remember when I first got my period. It was the last day of 5th grade and my mother had taken me for a celebratory “summer’s starting” shopping spree. My 5th grade teacher had made a bet with my mom that I would get my period by the end of the year, and by a grain of salt, I did. I was the only girl in my grade that started to grow armpit hair or wore a bra. I was anticipating its arrival and was actually very welcoming when it came. I finally felt like a woman and couldn’t wait to prance around town announcing the news.

Well, the feeling of excitement quickly changed for me when I had my first day of camp the very next day. I tried and tried and tried to use a tampon, but I got too nervous and anxious about the thought. I was the only girl in my group unable to go into the swimming pool, and too embarrassed to explain to my new counselors and friends why, especially my crush.

From that moment on, periods had a horrible stigma of humiliation for me. Getting intimate with a guy would always be tricky if it was my time of month. But why? Why was I afraid to tell them? Most girls get it. Why should I be embarrassed of mine? If they don’t like me because of it, good luck finding another girl who doesn’t get theirs. I’ve had a few experiences where it was a surprise to both of us that my period showed up in the middle of intimacy, and it taught me more about the guy I was seeing than he learned about me. I’ve had guys almost throw up about the thought, which is just crazy. I’ve also have had guys that didn’t mind. In fact, I’m sure most of us have been in situations where we’ve prayed for them to come.

I was unable to start using tampons until I started having regular sex, and overall became more comfortable with my own body. Before then, I would have panic attacks about an object being inside of me. It takes us time to mature and become comfortable in our skin.

My overall point is that, we all have our insecurities. We all deal with body image issues; struggles about whether we are good enough, and most of us get our period. However, you are not alone! You should not be embarrassed or insecure about our period. It’s a natural thing. Surround yourself around people who boost your confidence and make you feel empowered. Looking back, I cannot believe I cried over guys who didn’t talk to me again after those experiences. I AM A 24 YEAR OLD GIRL, I AM INSECURE ABOUT MY WEIGHT, SOMETIMES I DON’T FEEL GOOD ENOUGH, OH YEAH…AND I GET MY PERIOD.

Written By: Rachel Hope of The Concrete Blonde