First off, you may be wondering “What is Modern Fertility?” Basically, they offer an at-home test that reveals your fertility hormone levels and tells you what they mean for things like menopause, egg freezing, IVF, and conditions like POI or PCOS. Your test is reviewed by an actual doctor and you are given comprehensive results that you can review from the privacy of your own home. You can discuss your results with a fertility nurse or they also provide support through Modern Women, an amazing community of women that chat about all things female-focused. They also have a private webinar led by a fertility nurse. Sounds pretty great, right? Well it is!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. I’ve never taken any kind of at-home test before, so I really didn’t know how the whole thing would go. Well, let me tell you. It could not have been easier. I was a little intimated when I first opened the package. There were very official looking medical supplies inside and I doubted my capability lol. Turns out that their step by step instructions were super easy to follow. And I’m not good at instructions, trust me!

The actual test only takes 15 minutes! So basically, here’s the run down from my perspective:

#1 Prepare test. I laid out all my supplies and filled out my info on each card. Then I washed my hands and cleaned my fingertip with the provided alcohol pad.

#2 Draw blood. First thought…is this going to hurt? Answer: not for me! Every individual is different but it was the tiniest little finger prick that felt like a pinch. That’s it!

#3 Fill the provided cards with blood droplets. Easy enough! I just let the blood drop from my fingertip to the card.

#4 Let dry. Let the cards dry for at least 60 minutes before placing them in the provided sample bags.

#5 Mail. They include a pre-paid return envelope for you to use when sending in your sample. Just send them in within 24 hours.

I got my results in about a week. They were super easy to read, and each result is accompanied by what it means. So for example, my levels of the AMH and FSH hormones mean that I could hit menopause earlier than average.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this test. Whether you are trying to get pregnant, thinking about egg freezing or IVF, or just curious about general health or body factors that can relate to fertility, this can help you understand your body better. It helps to absorb the information on your own time and not in the rushed environment of a doctors office.

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