What is Menorrhagia?

Bleed much? Today, I’d like to open up a conversation about a female affliction that can drain the life out of you – literally. For all those women suffering silently from menorrhagia (abnormal bleeding) – we, at Naturna, feel your pain and have solutions to boot.

Menorrhagia. It is defined as a bleeding heavily (soaking through a tampon or pad in less than 2 hrs) and/or bleeding for abnormally long periods (more than 7 days per menstrual cycle). Clinically, I have seen a lot of women with various manifestations of this issue. For some its related to a hormonal issue like hypothyroidism, PCOS or menopause (sometimes premature onset). For others it may be abnormal growths such as fibroids or polyps or complex immune and hormonal issues such as endometriosis.  Many women are suffering from one or more of these issues but have never been diagnosed (yes, you can have more than one thing at a time). The problem with this is that finding the solution involves identifying the cause…

How to Treat Menorrhagia?

What’s the usual protocol re conventional medicine? Well, one would hope that we would run appropriate lab work to figure out what’s out of whack. Unfortunately this is rarely done. If it is, it’s usually poorly done. Western medicine gives us excellent diagnostic tools re lab work and scans BUT for some reason, when dealing with the female reproductive organs, the answer is usually a bucketed “birth control pill” for everything.  Something that might help bolster is process is to ask your doc whether she would be willing to test you for all the things I listed in paragraph two (i.e. thyroid, fibroid, polyps, PCOS, menopause). **Note – diagnosing endometriosis involves doing a laparascopic exploration and is not recommended as a routine test because of the level of invasiveness. Be your own advocate.

The other thing you can do is consult with a practitioner in a field that pays attention to this stuff. Examples: Integrative Medicine Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, Chinese Medicine Doctor/Acupuncturist.  Any of these would approach the issue by trying to address the root cause. First, we investigate. If I were seeing you, I’d ask a bunch of questions to try to figure out what is going on. I would then refer you to ask for specific blood work and scans (if warranted) and get you started on a treatment plan. For some women, it may only take 1-2 acupuncture treatments and you’ll be in great shape. For others it make take 6 months of herbs, dietary changes and acupuncture to gain any traction. Diet and lifestyle considerations are paramount as many things can contribute to you bleeding heavily. Examples:

  • Cruciferous veggies and soy mess suppress thyroid function and can lead to irregularities
  • Pollutants and hormones in food can lead to estrogen dominant conditions like fibroids or endometriosis which will make you bleed heavily
  • Sugar, booze, and stress can exacerbate PCOS leading to erratic bleeding
  • Alcohol and caffeine exacerbate menopausal hormone deficiencies

You may wonder what point I’m trying to make?  Don’t ignore your body.  You don’t want to be dealing with more severe issues down the road. If your body talks – LISTEN. You deserve the best. To learn more about Menorrhagia please visit the link below.

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Written By: Dr. Christina Burns, Dr. of Chinese Medicine and Founder of Naturna Institute

Member of the Kali Girl Tribe.