Watch Jonna Piira, the CEO of Kali, interview Dr. Christina Burns, the Founder of Naturna Institute ( Acupuncture, Wellness & Fertility Clinic in NYC), about periods. It’s important to educate ourselves on our bodies and about the reasons behind menstruation. It’s shocking how many of us don’t know that much about it other than it comes once a month and lasts longer than we would like.

Here are a few quick facts that we all should know:

Periods vary from woman to woman, but the average period is about 4-6 days.

We have our periods to procreate. We all knew this right?

The menstruation cycle happens every month.

The cycle begins with a build up estrogen in your body that releases an egg and then a surge of luteinizing hormones help shoot it out of the ovary and down the fallopian tube. Once it’s in transit, it has the opportunity to meet the sperm and fertilize. At this time, the empty sac (follicle) that released the egg starts excreting progesterone. Progesterone thickens the lining. The fertilized egg or “embryo” travels down to the uterus to burrow into the uterine wall. If this takes place, then the body signals to keep producing progesterone to feed the baby and keep the uterine lining in tact. If no implantation takes place, the hormones drop off and shedding occurs. Hence, the period and so it begins again with the estrogen to build the egg.

Many things occur to your body when you have your period. You have a sharp decline in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. These hormones keep the lining of your uterus intact. When they drop off, you shed. The rest of your cycle is spent building the lining up.

For many women their period becomes lighter in their 30s and onward. For some, it gets heavier.

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