Moving into a place by yourself can be extremely exciting, but also very scary. I have just moved into my first place and have already had to make some huge adaptions. There’s the obvious like doing your own chores and paying the rent, but more than that I think it’s finding your own will power and self-discipline to do so.

Living with others and relying on them, you take for granted how much the little things matter. A great example of a little things is toilet paper. It was never something I had to worry about and there isn’t a magical toilet paper fairy who fills it. It was always stocked in the house and never my responsibility to get. Now, I constantly have to remind myself to make sure I have not only enough toilet paper, but also enough money to restock all of my essentials. Living on your own is not just about saving enough money for rent, but making sure you have enough to live.

Budgeting is huge. I am guilty of not being amazing at this. I love to shop, eat out, etc. However, the stress of making sure I have enough money for rent is constantly hovering over me. Instead of this being a dark cloud, I choose to elect it not to be a burden but more so of a motivational factor.

Motivation is extremely important. You cannot rely on anyone else to get you up, to get you to work, or make sure you’re neat. Being an entrepreneur, I always needed that sort of self-discipline anyways. I never have to be at work by a specific time since I make my own schedule, but living with someone else I would get up early anyways just because I didn’t want to be judged for sleeping in, but now I get up because I want to.

There is a huge feeling of satisfaction knowing that I get up everyday and work extremely hard to afford my own living expenses. The harder I work, the more of an extravagant life I get to live. Yes, sometimes it is hard to remember I cannot shop or eat out as much and control myself not to fall back into old ways, but it is definitely worth it long term. The feeling of independence both physically and financially are rewarding.

5 Ways You Need To Adapt When Living Alone For The First Time:

  1. Chores around the house. (huge!)
  2. Learn to be financially responsible and budget. (Ask a friend to help that you know is good with budgeting.)
  3. You need strong self discipline.
  4. Make sure your house is stocked with necessities.
  5. Work harder.

Written By: Rachel Hope of The Concrete Blonde