Research has shown there are many benefits to adopting a more organic lifestyle. With that said, making the switch can be overwhelming to think about and implement. It can also be viewed as daunting and expensive. We put together some easy tips to start moving more and more to an organic lifestyle. Making small changes can add up quickly. Baby steps are key. Once you start feeling the changes in your health, we promise it will motivate you to do more and more. Here are 6 easy steps to embrace a more organic lifestyle on a daily basis:

#1 Visit your local farmers market.

Check out your local farmers market. It’s easy to ask the farmers about their produce and their growing practices. It also allows you to get up close and personal with the food you are about to purchase. Remember that the dirty dozen are the most important produce to buy organic.

#2 Read the labels.

It’s important to learn how to read labels properly. We have learned a lot from the Food Babe. Believe it or not, many processed foods, even at Whole Foods, have added sugar and corn syrup to name a few scary additives. These can cause health issues like diabetes and addiction. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, you probably shouldn’t be consuming it.

#3 Start replacing household items with organic products as you run out.

It can seem overwhelming and expensive to switch everything in your home to organic products in an organic craze. Relax! As you run out of things, add the organic option to your list instead. Cleaning products and condiments will take time and if you switch to the organic option as you run out, it won’t feel like you are spending tons of money all at once.

#4 Start growing something.

We started with rosemary. It’s one of our go to herbs and it grows like a weed. It’s not super high maintenance, so you can gain confidence growing a plant in your home. Then you can move on to basil or parsley. The options are endless. Growing herbs and certain vegetables are easier to grow than you think. What’s better than grabbing some tomatoes and herbs from your garden at home? Nothing.

#5 Gradually switch your beauty routine to organic products.

Like we mentioned with household items, switch your beauty routine over time as you run out of products to reduce anxiety. We started with: toothpaste, face cream, and body lotion. It’s important to read the labels to really understand what is in your products. A few simple tips: avoid ingredients you can’t read, avoid parabens, sulfates, and anything toxic. Some of favorites right now are Risewell for our toothpaste, Joanna Vargas face cream, and Primally pure body lotion.

#6 Switch to organic period care.

76% of us are on a wellness journey, but only 15% of us think about our period on this journey. Drugstore tampons and pads have toxic chemicals in them such as fragrance, toxic dyes, bleach, pesticides, and herbicides. Why are we putting these chemicals in one of the most sensitive spots in our body?! Make the switch to 100% organic period care that is customizable to meet your needs and delivered straight to your door, with amazing wellness goodies.