Have you heard a woman named Arianna Huffington? If you haven’t, she is the editor in chief of The Huffington Post. She also recently wrote a book about sleep called The Sleep Revolution. This book focuses on the importance of proper sleep and how it can positively impact your life. She talks about her strict evening routine in detail. She talks about creating an evening ritual which includes removing all electronics out of her room, relaxing in an Epsom salt bath, getting into her sleepwear, drinking tea with chamomile, and writing a gratitude list.

Her morning routine, according to an interview she did on The Early Hour, is just as regimented. She doesn’t set an alarm. Yes…you read that correctly. She doesn’t set an alarm and naturally wakes up after eight hours of sleep. She meditates, works out for 30 minutes, and ends her routine with 10 minutes of yoga. She also swears by cutting out caffeine after 2 pm.

Arianna’s Tips for Proper Sleep:

1 – She removes all electronics out of her room.

2 – She takes a relaxing Epsom salt bath.

3 – Then she gets into her sleepwear.

4 – Next she makes a cup of tea with chamomile or lavender.

5 – She, then, writes a gratitude list.

6 – She never sets an alarm.

7 – In the morning, she meditates for 30 minutes,  works out for 30 minutes, and does 10 minutes of yoga stretches.

A few of us at Kali, decided to try Arianna’s morning and evening routine for a full work week. It was a very interesting challenge. Here is what we learned.

Lessons Learned:

Lesson #1: Sleep is way more important than we realize. It is a life changing experience if you consistently get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. You feel more refreshed and truly do get up naturally at an earlier time. We loved how we felt.

Lesson #2: If you make self-care a daily priority, it will increase our overall day-to-day productivity. We felt more energized and refreshed after forcing ourselves to take regular “me” time.

Lesson #3: Having a nightly ritual helps you fall asleep faster and creates an environment for better sleep.

Lesson #4: Ending your day with a gratitude list instead of looking at your Instagram feed creates a sense of appreciation about the things in your life.

Lesson #5: Having a consistent morning routine sets up your day to be more organized and productive. It’s important to create your own rituals. For instance, I wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth, and make tea with lemon. I stretch while looking at my 2018 vision board every morning.

Written By: Jonna Piira, CEO of Kali & Member of the Kali Girl Tribe.