What does it mean to feel grounded with nature?

We often hear the saying “I feel grounded” and we may not take it for its literal meaning. As humans, we need to feel close to nature. Our bodies freely transfer electrons from the bottom of our feet to the soil. It’s a natural occurrence – that warm feeling we get when our bare feet touch the ground. The simple act of feeling connected to nature is an innate feeling that dates back to our early ancestors.

When we feel ungrounded and disconnected with nature and its forces, we tend to lose track of items and our energy feels misguided or uneven. Frequently, we feel as though we are moving through life without making conscious decisions. We become forgetful and begin to ignore the signs of both physical and emotional pain.

Signs of Feeling Ungrounded.

  • Misplacing items
  • Forgetting important dates
  • Feeling unfocused or unclear
  • Increased sensitivity to places, objects or emotions

How to Create a Sense of Grounding.

Take a moment to think about a moment when you felt safe. Was it in the comfort of someone’s arms? Was it laying in bed watching the rain? Or was it a time in your childhood when the rain boots were covered in muddy circles? Think of a time when you felt centered, at peace or connected to nature. That moment when you felt safe and connected is the same moment you felt grounded.

Work with Soil and Clay.

Feeling the earth beneath your feet can help bring focus back to nature. Feel the warmth between your toes or hold clay between your hands. Feel it mesh between your fingers and close your eyes as you feel the texture. Try and articulate its texture using words.

Get Physical with Nature.

The saying “get back to nature”, frequently comes to mind in our efforts to find a deeper connection with nature, but what does it really mean? Getting back to nature can mean a variety of things specific to the individual. Taking a moment to look up at the sky and appreciate its beauty can bring clarity to the present moment. Taking a walk on a trail unfamiliar to you can bring awareness to your surroundings and allow you to experience new scenery. Sit quietly on the ground (preferably with no shoes) and imagine your arms are long branches. Raise them upwards and reach for the sky. Imagine you are walking gracefully along the side of a river bank, feeling the water trickle beneath the heels of your foot.

Research and Eat Grounding Foods.

Gaia discusses that all our chakras are built on the Root Chakra (Muladhara). The Root Chakra deals with feelings of survival, trust, and security. It is red in color and the four-petal Lotus flower is it’s symbol. It connects us with our physical body and its nourishment.

Eating foods with the seasons or eating to satisfy your Root Chakra is highly recommended as it helps keep our gut bacteria intact. Eating wet and hydrating foods in the summer rejuvenates our insides. Eating vegetables grown deep in the ground during the colder months warms our insides.  Vegetables like radishes, turnips, potatoes, onions and garlic have a warming effect on our bodies and will satisfy our Root Chakras.

Finding ways to feel grounded with the earth helps our mental health. We find a sense of security when we our nourishing our body from the inside out.

Written By: Isabelle Marsh, Writer and Storyteller

Member of the Kali Girl Tribe.