Written for Kali By: Katie, Founder of Green Product Junkie

I get it. Just the mere idea of switching up all of your conventional skincare and makeup for cleaner, non-toxic versions can be very, very daunting. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons many people put it off altogether. But, like anything else, once you make a few simple healthy changes, you’ll soon notice how much better you look and feel and before you know it, you’re actually excited to do even more.

So, why should you even consider switching up your products and going green? Well, the hard truth is that if you’re using conventional skincare, makeup and feminine items, you’re very likely using products with toxic ingredients. Even if what you’re buying is labeled as “Natural” or “Green,” chances are they’ve still got a few (or many) sketchy ingredients that can be harmful to your health. Think of it this way: if a nicotine patch is placed on the skin for the purpose of releasing nicotine gradually into the bloodstream, where are the toxic ingredients that you put, daily, on your face, body, underarms and lips going?   That’s why making sure that you can read and pronounce the ingredient list of the products you’re purchasing is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Where to start?

The hope is that one day you’ll be using only organic and natural products, but until then, here’s a few of the most important items that you can easily switch to green:

#1 Deodorant – Conventional deodorants are very toxic as they contain harmful ingredients like aluminum, propylene glycol and phthalates which are linked to many health issues. Anti-perspirants, in particular, should be avoided as sweating, although inconvenient, is a healthy and natural function of the body.

#2 Toothpaste – Whatever is put in your mouth is easily absorbed into the bloodstream which makes having a non-toxic toothpaste a no-brainer. Avoiding ingredients like triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners and fluoride is your best bet.

#3 Feminine products – Organic is the way to go. In recent years, it has been discovered that conventional tampons and pads contain toxins that you definitely do not want to put in or near your private area.

#4 Lipstick – Just imagine how much lipstick you wear in a week and how much of that is ingested while you talk, eat and lick your lips throughout the day. Instead of listing specific ingredients that are toxic (as there are many), the recommendation is that you find green beauty lipsticks that have a few, simple ingredients that you’re able to read and understand.

#5 SPF – The thought of hot sun combined with toxic ingredients baking on your skin, just isn’t a good one. In addition, conventional sunscreen isn’t only harmful to you, but studies show that many spray-on sunscreens contain oxybenzone which contributes to both coral bleaching and deforming reefs.

So, there you have it! Rather than get overwhelmed, take your time, be easy on yourself and slowly green your routine by switching up these one step at a time!

Written for Kali By: Katie, Founder of Green Product Junkie