If you’re anything like me, you totally hit a wall in the afternoon. Like clockwork, 3pm rolls around and I feel so exhausted I just want to take a nap. But with our busy lives, it’s just not possible, right? We’ve got some tips (personally tested by yours truly) that will help energize you and get you through that afternoon slump the natural way.

#1 Get moving.

Whether it’s some light stretching or a full-on workout, moving your body can definitely boost your energy, and thus, productivity. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to the body so it’s no wonder that even light movement can make you feel more awake. If you’re not able to leave your office, try a brisk stroll down the hall. Not even able to leave your desk? (We get it!) Try speedily tapping your toes under your desk, rolling your head from side to side, or a few quick arm stretches to get the blood flowing.

#2 Eat protein and fiber.

It’s so easy to reach for an unhealthy and convenient snack when you need a little pick me up…sugary candy or chips from the vending machine, anyone? You know who you are :). Those will actually will give you slight boost in the short term, but a big crash after. Stick with small, protein, and fiber rich snacks like a handful of nuts, a protein bar, a green smoothie, an apple with almond butter, or some berries.

#3 Take a break.

I know, I know…you don’t have time right? Even a quick, 5 minute break, can up help change the pace, get you away from the screen, and give your mind a much needed rest. Taking a break can actually help improve your attention span so you can properly focus on the task at hand. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

#4 Sniff an invigorating scent.

We, at Kali, are huge fans of essential oils, and rely on them for a host of things. Boosting energy is no exception! Our favorites are mint, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon. Try Cornmint from Rocky Mountain Oils, one of our go-to’s.

There are tons of ways they can be used:

  • Add them to a diffuser. They have cute portable ones that you can bring with you or leave at your desk.
  • Put a few drops on a cold wash cloth or paper towel and breathe deeply. You can also pat the cloth on your skin or lay it around your neck.
  • Burn an uplifting or energizing candle. We are obsessed with the aptly named Recharge candle from Woodlot. It’s an invigorating blend of peppermint and rosemary essential oils.
  • Place a roller ball directly on skin (just make sure it’s mixed with a carrier oil or is approved for that use). You can also just take a few deep breathes straight out of the bottle!

#5 Sip on green tea.

This has about a quarter of the caffeine of a cup of coffee, so it offers an energy boost without a jittery overload that could keep you up all night. Plus, it’s packed with antioxidants and has a variety of health benefits like lowering your risk of diabetes and cancer, as well as improved immune function and weight loss. Also, some believe that drinking it can improve long term brain function and actually make you smarter. Cheers to that! Check out Vahdam Teas Organic Himalayan Green, one of our favorites and a feature in the Lux box.