Wouldn’t it be great to eat all the cake & not gain any weight from it, spend lots of quality time with our family and friends without sacrificing self care, watch a movie or read a good book because we have the time to, and get creative in the kitchen because we replied to all of our important emails and are free for the night? 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where most of those things are just wishes and dreams, and our reality revolves around endless office hours, project after project, too much time spent in traffic, big piles of laundry & lots of fad diets and food restrictions that leave us feeling grumpy and stressed.

What can we do to turn it all around and finally find that “healthy balance”? Here are some tricks I learned over the years that when implemented, can be of great help:

#1 Go for a Walk – Everyday!

No matter where you live, what’s the weather like, or how many hours you spend in your office, aim to go for a 10, 20, 30 min walk every single day. Whether it means walking to the grocery store, ‘stalking’ that cute barista at your local coffee shop or just taking a stroll around your building, fresh air will bring more oxygen into your blood and you’ll be able to clear your head. Not to mention, you get to stretch out your legs and keep the circulation flowing (and get those FitBit steps in!).

#2 Invest in Good Quality Vitamin & Mineral Supplements.

No matter how clean or healthy we eat, the food today is not the same it was 20 years ago. The soil is depleted and with the demand for ingredients being higher than ever and GMO so widespread, it’s really hard to get all the required vitamins & minerals just from our diet. Investing in high quality supplements is important and doing our research on which brands are better than others is even more important, as the market is getting overwhelmed with products. I recommend starting with Omega 3 & Vitamin D to fight inflammation, Rhodiola or Ashwagandha to lower your stress response & Vitamin B12, Zinc and Magnesium to keep your energy levels up and hormones in check.

#3 Don’t Stress about Eating Out!

A friend invited you to her birthday party and you feel guilty for taking that slice of cake and a glass of champagne. I feel you, we’ve all been there. But did you know that the amount of stress you create by only feeling that way is causing you more harm than the actual cake and champagne itself? Remember that life is short and letting go to enjoy yourself every once in a while to create some wonderful memories will all be worth it in the long run! Instead of getting into ‘freaking out mode’, allow yourself a night to relax and experience every bite – your serotonin levels will go through the roof and you’ll feel so much better! Get right back on track the following day, drink lots of water, and don’t spend one second regretting it 🙂

#4 Develop a Self-Care Practice.

Journaling, reading, meditating, drawing a long bath, creating essential oil blends, baking…find something that makes you happy while being able to shut off your brain and let it reboot. Create a time slot in your busy week and devote it 100% to yourself. And you are NOT ALLOWED to feel guilty for doing so! Your body & mind will be incredibly grateful, and your cortisol levels will drop immensely!

#5 No Screen Time 1 Hour Before Bedtime.

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was not installing a TV into my bedroom, as well as charging my phone far away from me during the night. Minimizing screen time not only helps create better sleeping habits, but it also allows our minds to enter ‘sleep & relax mode’ so that it can be refreshed and ready to conquer the day when we wake up. Now, I’m not saying, don’t binge on that amazing new Netflix show (maybe it’s your self-care practice for the day!), I’m just reminding you to do something else after it that doesn’t involve a screen before you go to sleepyland 🙂

But most of all…

#6 Your Health Should be a Priority!

Keep that in mind the next time you decide to devote one more sleepless night to a work project, client emails or content creation. Nothing is more important than your health, and what’s the point in earning a big salary if you’re gonna need to spend it all on getting better. Make sure you’re sleeping enough hours a night, that you’re getting involved in some sort of physical exercise (anything that makes you happy and gets you moving :)), drinking plenty of water & eating lots of nourishing foods. We can only perform at our best when we’re healthy, happy, vital and full of energy.

XOX, Karla Tafra

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