It’s just a typical day in your female cycle. It works like clockwork – you get your period, you grab a tampon from your cabinet, and you move on with your day. However, what happens when you grab underneath your cabinet for a tampon and guess what, you’re out? This is the moment we all dread. You, then, grab a bunch of toilet paper to create a makeshift-pad in your underwear and head to the nearest drugstore to pick up a box while thinking FML. There has to be a better way, right? There is.

We live in a world where everything is at our fingertips and we can have anything delivered directly to our doorstep. There are grocery delivery services and, of course, Amazon. However, there should be something a little sleeker and prettier than that, right? There is. Check out, Kali. Simply plan ahead and sign up for the luxury tampon monthly subscription box. The sign-up process is sleek and simple. You only have to sign up once for Kali and then never worry about tampons again! What if you have an irregular period? No sweat. There are many options to choose from.

It’s very convenient to get your monthly period essentials sent directly to your doorstep. It’s smart to be prepared and already have your sanitary products when its your time-of-the-month. By purchasing a few months of products ahead of time or signing up for a tampon subscription, it will eliminate worrying during your period.

Now you are ready to sign-up for a tampon subscription box, but what type of tampons do you order – organic or non-organic? There has been a major shift in product awareness over the last few years. Woman are questioning what are in their everyday products such as tampons. More women are converting to eating local sourced, organic food and to nontoxic, chemical-free products. With this awareness, women are starting to question their sanitary products as well. We are avoiding eating dioxins and chemicals. Why are we putting them into the most sensitive spot in our bodies? It’s time to research the issue.

There are so many blogs on the Internet explaining in detail the detrimental side affects that can come along with using non-organic tampons. Chemical-free tampons reduce the amount of health risks associated with using tampons. Organic tampons are made with 100% organic cotton and don’t have any added chemicals or other ingredients.

In short, it is much easier for consumers to sign up for a monthly tampon subscription service than going to the store every month. Instead of spending time and money going to the store to pick up your sanitary products, you can simply sign-up online without leaving your couch. Signing up for one of the many options Kali has to offer is a great way to save money and time. Kali has an excellent reputation for their hygiene product packages.

Check out their products at Not only is there a huge amount of convenience in purchasing hygiene products online, you can also make healthier purchasing decisions by going organic for an affordable price.