House plants make any space feel fresh and warm. Did you know that they also have real health benefits? Yeah…it’s true. Crazy right? It has been proven that they can:

  • Decrease Stress and Anxiety
  • Improve Mental Health
  • Increase Happiness
  • Boost Healing and Help Deter Illness
  • Improve Sleep
  • Assist in Breathing
  • Clean and Humidify the Air

Most of us love having house plants in our space. However, it can be tough keeping them alive with our busy schedules. Here is a list of low maintenance house plants that will brighten up your home without all the stress of keeping them alive.

Bright Light Plants

Philodenron monsteras and ficus decoras are low maintenance plants that need about bright light. Our personal favorite is a philodenron monstera plant. One cut stem even look great in a vase.


Philodenron Monstera Plant                        Ficus Decora Plant

Medium Light Plants

Philodenron selloums and birdnest ferns are great medium light plants. You can buy a philodenron selloum at Ikea and a birdnest fern at Amazon.


Philodenron Selloum Plant                      Birdnest Fern

Low Light Plants

Satin pothos, sansevieria, and zamia are great low light plants. Satin pothos is available at Esty, sansevieria is available at Ikea, and Zamia is available for purchase at The Colonial House.


Satin Pothos Plant                                                Sansevieria Plant

                                         Zamia Plant