Still feeling that summer warmth on our skin, relaxed and tanned, all we really want to do is stay in that moment forever…but…fall/winter comes rolling in, and “back to life, back to reality” soundtrack starts playing in our heads. Now is time to get our booties back into our routine, back to the gym, and back to errands, meetings, emails (ugh), and early mornings (more ugh). Year after year, it doesn’t get easier, but here are some tips I learned to get the motivation back after that blissful vacation.

#1 Get Outdoors…to Keep That Golden Tan!

Getting back into our routine usually means spending more time indoors, and although for the most of it, there’s nothing much you can do (I don’t believe there is a company with offices in the park, but if there is one, can I get an interview?:)), use your ‘off hours’ or lunch break to get outside, soak up some sun (and Vitamin D), breathe some fresh air, and stretch your legs by taking a walk. It’s so easy to come home after a long day of work and Netflix and chill, but that will only put you into ‘hermit mode’ waaaay before winter comes, so use up the rest of the warm & sunny days to keep those tan lines for as long as you can!

#2 Organize your Schedule.

I’m a huge nerd and I am super proud of it. I’ve always been so excited about the new season, calendars, schedule, and planning out my weeks and months. I am aware not everyone is like that, but almost everyone needs a bit of structure in their lives. Especially if they’re planning to motivate themselves into finding a healthy work/life/training balance. Research shows we tend to stick to our goals and plans if we write them down and check off items on our to-do list, even if we don’t accomplish everything we set ourselves to. Planning it out puts things into perspective, and it’s easier to imagine success, so go ahead, and get yourself a gorgeous planner (such as my favorite Day Designer), and start writing down steps towards achieving your goals.

#3 Swap the Coffee Date for a Workout Date.

Coming back from a vacation means reconnecting with some friends we haven’t seen during that time, so instead of a coffee date, take a yoga class, pilates, spinning, kick boxing…and then celebrate with a coffee afterwards! You’ll both be thriving with endorphins, full of energy & happiness for doing something amazing for your bodies.

#4 Get Creative in the Kitchen…Without Wasting Too Much Time.

Clean & healthy eating is incredibly fun, satisfying, quick, and easy. People tend to overcomplicate things by saying they don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals, so they end up heating up something from the frozen section. We all lead a crazy, busy tempo, but slicing up some colorful veggies and sauteing it in a pan while at the same time baking a nice piece of salmon or tuna (or meat/tofu if you prefer it), and finishing it up with a crispy salad made from iceberg lettuce, tomatoes & avocado takes 20-25 min of your time. Not a second more. If you have even less time than that, bake your protein the night before, and simply throw it on top of your salad, but make it a bit more voluminous with a bunch of veggies. That takes 10 min of your time (and just because of the slicing). If however, you really don’t have 10 minutes to prepare something, or you don’t enjoy cooking, consider something like Sakara Life, an amazing meal delivery service with incredible meals full of superfoods and gut healing ingredients. Having things prepared ahead not only saves you time, but also keeps you from reaching for that pizza slice or burger way too often.

#5 Read a Health Study or Article.

I’m not kidding. Educating yourself on nutrition, food, macro & micronutrients, as well as herbs, essential oils & superfoods, is the best way to start implementing them into your daily life. Figuring out what type of nutrients can be found in which foods can definitely impact your future food choices. You never know, you just might discover why something’s bothering you, or even find your new favorite food!

#6 Be Patient with Yourself.

Sometimes, it takes a while to get back in the zone. Don’t beat yourself up about it, and don’t force yourself to ‘go to the gym everyday’, or ‘eat clean every single meal’, because you’ll soon start resenting it, and that’s not the point. Easing into it and giving yourself some time to adjust, is the best approach you can take. Nothing good ever came from being anxious and trying to run before you walk 😉

XOX, Karla Tafra

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