Written for Kali By Guest Blogger: Kelsey Panicco

My last (committed) relationship ended on April 1, 2016. If you may know, I was the one to close that chapter – and when I did, the entire course of my life and career changed for the better. Albeit I was actively creating space for the right person to come into my life (as painful as it was to let that relationship go), what I wasn’t prepared for was the dauntingly long road ahead – of singledom (yet again).

On a good day, I am happy go lucky. I have an open mind and full heart. I am down for the wild ride of awkward first dates, the Hinge app among others, and even seeking out potential partners via mutual friends. I swipe right often and am constantly on the lookout for the single men in the room. I always introduce myself thinking maybe, just maybe someone will be interested in me enough to take it one step further.

On not-so-good days which typically fall during that time of the month – my cramps can be debilitating, my hormones bee-line for depression, and I experience extreme fatigue. My anxiety also skyrockets which usually amounts to uncontrollable tears that pour out of nowhere on the subway. With that said, in low moments such as these I am simply tired of looking for the one. “WHERE IS HE?” My inner-Charlotte demands. And then it hits me – There is only one thing I can do to ease the blow that triggers this heartache…go inward. Love me more –  go deeper.

I know the thought of going deeper inward because no one else seems to be returning the favor seems, well – lonely AF. But a few ideas come to mind as to how this experience can really be an effective one:

#1 Spend more time with people (or guy friends) that make you feel more whole.

#2 Forgive yourself.

#3 Rest. Stop looking.

There is only so much meditating you can attempt when dating (and period) fatigue gets the best of you, and for when you need that extra energy boost, there is Kali. The last time these feelings swallowed me whole, I decided to set aside time for a self-care-Saturday night in, courtesy of my Kali Box. I set up my vanity in a ready-to-use flatlay as if I was unpacking my toiletries case for a hotel staycation. I set out the Kali Mist and powder mask alongside a few crystals and palo santo – I was ready for my revival.

Although Kali doesn’t encase your next boyfriend (at least not yet), I truly believe that this box of treasures inspires you to take the road of self-recovery even when you’re not on your period. It has your back and forces you to take the time needed for yourself to reverse your exhaustion from experiences that are outside of your control such as unruly PMS and boys who don’t reschedule the dates that they cancel on you.

Your gifts and energy are precious – empower yourself remember…if they can’t have you at your worst then they sure as hell can’t have you at your best. And this goes for anything in life!


Kelsey, Digital Content Creator based in NYC