I have to begin by saying that I am not a yogi and still cannot properly do a downward dog pose. However, I do love EDM and have yogic aspirations so when I received an invitation to try out an EDM Dance Yoga class dubbed FLIGHT, I accepted without hesitation.

I arrived at a luxury fitness studio filled with about 20-something women and a few men who looked like they worked out at least 5 times a week their entire lives. There was no turning back even though I debated whether I should leave the class early if it got to be too unbearable. I shook that feeling off as I told myself this would be fun and burn those boba calories. A petite but muscular blonde instructor gathered us around her as she gave us a pep talk and intro before starting the class.

Sydney teaches FLIGHT in LA and Seoul. She also runs BENNERFIT.com a fitness and lifestyle blog and a YouTube channel formed in partnership with Lionsgate’s BeFit network.  She features weekly inspirational workouts, delicious recipes for women, fashion tips, and has written for Mind Body Green, The Active Times, Fit Bottomed Girls, and World Lifestyle.

And it all went down at LA’s “first-ever, fully registered green fitness studio,” called simply THE WALL. There are no paper receipts, plastic bottles, or chemical-laden cleaning products here. Instead, The Wall-goers enjoy paperless check-in, a filtered water filling station, non-toxic cleaners, and a space built using eco-friendly materials.

The class is designed to be a total body fat burn routine as you move and grove to an original music track from live EDM DJ Ashlee Williss. It combines elements of Yoga, cardio, and dance to melt fat, activate the core, rev up your metabolism, and firm the entire body from head-to-toe. The actual movements included a lot of butt kickers, pulsing chair pose, plank knee to chest, downward dog, joggers, bow arm swings, knee tap crosses, toe taps, alternating reverse lunges, planks, planks knee drops, oblique hip taps, rocking forearm planks, and child’s pose. But it really felt like a dance workout more than anything. My favorite move had to be the one where you “take flight” which I wish I could describe, but it’s the feeling of exhilaration that I remember most.

The best part about the class was that the more the minutes went by the more present I felt in my body, in the room, and, as cliché as it sounds, my place in the world. Sydney was like a fitness instructor and motivational speaker in one, and without her words of encouragement, I would not have been able to reach that state of mind.

“How amazing is it that you made it here…that we GET to be here…”

It was a reminder that I need to take every moment, appreciate it, and not take it for granted. With the Thousand Oaks shooting and the Malibu fires heavy on my mind, we danced and jumped our hearts out.