Photo by: Matt Sav for Pony Express.

According to ecosexual experts Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., and Beth Stephens, Ph.D, ecosexuality is “being in love with the Earth and giving and receiving pleasure with the nature. Exploring the eroticism, romance, sensuality/sexuality of nature.” The central belief of ecosexuals is that we should be treating Mother Earth as Lover Earth and consider our relationship with nature as one of give and take (as you would with a lover) and not the typical take, take, take relationship with our mothers. Though the term has been around since the early 2000s, ecosexuality hit the mainstream in 2016 when Sprinkle and Stephens published their manifesto and Google trend data show interest continues to grow.

Photo by: Sarah Walker

Ecosexuals believe that in treating the Earth with love, care, and respect, they’ll be able to help preserve and protect the environment. In an interview with TeenVogue, Annie Sprinkles explained that ecosexuality is helping make the earth a sexual matter. She is comparing Mother earth to a lover rather than a comfort. Annie is explaining that we have to hold up our side of the relationship with the earth. But it’s not just about getting intimate with nature. Ecosexuality encompasses a wide range of definitions depending on who you ask, from someone who uses vegan condoms and eco-friendly biodegradable sex toys to another who’s so sexually attracted to the earth he or she is having an orgasm while covered in soil.

             Photo by: Matt Sav for Pony Express

The idea of making love to the Earth conjures up images of humping a tree while on something, but there are many different ways to express your love to the Earth and to varying degrees. It can be as simple as recycling, but chances are you’ve already shown love to your biospheric lover in some way or another. Ever gone skinnydipping, massaged the soil with your naked feet, caressed a rose with your bare cheek or drawn hearts in the sand at the beach ? Then it’s safe to say you can proudly tack on /ecosexual to your current sexual identity. Anyone can be ecosexual. It’s truly about seeing the world around us as part of our sexual identities per Annie Sprinkles.

Much more than a sexual identity based around getting intimate with nature, ecosexuality is a growing environmental movement that’s needed more than ever. You might not be ready to get married to the stars and moon (yes, you can really have a ceremony and take vows to love, honor and cherish the Earth), but it’s time we reassess our relationship with the Earth and embrace our ecosexuality.

Written By: Andrea Lee, @organicbeautylover