I honestly can’t think of any women’s health-related magazines or sites that recommend douching as a way to clean the vagina. And yet, so many women still do this. While you might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t know anyone who still douches!” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported one in every five women uses a device to clean her vagina with water or over-the-counter solutions. This neither makes your vagina cleaner nor healthier. In fact, it can lead to a super un-fun yeast infection, since the solution washes away the good bacteria we need in our vaginas.

reasons not to douche
However, a yeast infection is apparently now the least of your worries if you are still an avid doucher (that is one very odd phrase to type out). Researchers have published a new study in the journal Epidemiology which found women who douched within 12 months of participating in the study had a higher likelihood to develop ovarian cancer over the course of the seven-year period within which the study was conducted.

These women were compared with others who had never douched and regardless to whether or not the women carried the genes which would predispose them to cancer.

Around 500,000 women were used in the study, and while there is no direct indication that douching itself causes cancer, the study simply stated the odds are higher for those who douche regularly.

Ladies, there is no reason to douche. Zero. If a yeast infection isn’t enough to turn you off from doing so, then perhaps the possibility of developing diseases longterm will.