As someone who’s been in love with all-things wedding from an early age, it felt pretty natural when I decided I wanted to launch an online, small shop focused around the beauty of Engagement and Bridal. I brainstormed many ideas; weighing the pros and cons of each potential opportunity (mainly pertaining to finances), then settled on luxury curated gift boxes and minimalist stationery. After spending over a year designing and prepping and making lots of mistakes, I can confidently say I’ll be launching my two-part business, Co-Singer this year! This being said, I’ve compiled a short list of important things I’ve learned throughout this whole process; I hope they inspire you to start your own small business adventure or give you a much-needed refresh!


Don’t ever feel like you can’t fail, can’t fail more than once, or that failure itself is a permanent thing. Trial and error is the only way to truly know how things will go. Maybe you overpriced or underpriced an item or you handled a client poorly, or you didn’t answer business e-mails for a full week. Things happen, but you can grow from them and transform your small shop (and yourself) into the thriving business (woman) you’ve imagined. I’m a big believer that nothing in this world can’t be resolved with a good night’s rest and a positive outlook, especially if the situation really isn’t that bad.


Whether you’re a one-woman show or have a business partner by your side, I suggest investing in social media. I’m talking advertisements, promotions, giveaways. Don’t be afraid to contact like-minded individuals to collaborate on a project or contest. (The more eyes that see you, the better!) If need be, hire a professional web designer or social media marketing team to help ease the transition from non-business woman to business woman. If you plan to do everything yourself, that’s also wonderful! Whatever your method, don’t be scared of the spotlight or your own success.


Trends come and go. Remember this. It’s easy to get sucked into the latest fad out there, but by sticking to your own style, your business will feel more like you. A small shop should be an extension of who you are, not a separate being entirely. If done correctly, your business should evolve with you. Bring your life experiences into it. Don’t feel afraid to show your vulnerability; if anything, embracing your fears and frustrations shows incredible strength. Doing so publicly is courageous.

Throughout my small business journey, there are times I’ve wanted to give up, but I haven’t. This dream is too important to me, no matter how many obstacles it takes to finally get from here to where I want to be.