As a cannabis advocate, I could go on for days about this magical plant and what it can do for people and the modern world. Hemp has the potential to fuel our cars and save our trees, but it can also make your life infinitely better- on and off your period.

This month’s Kali box includes TONIC’s Warrior roll-on, which is a small, but mighty 5ml packed full of cramp relieving goodness. Not only is this topical application famous for easing the discomfort of menstrual cramps in 10-15 minutes, feel free to lather it on your lower back, neck, shoulders, temples, and more. We specifically chose our blend of 100mg CBD, MCT oil, and essential oils for soothing pain or tension.

As a woman owned and operated company, we understand how period symptoms can be a wrench in your plans to get sh*t done (we’re rooting for you!!) and we’ve found our adaptogenic blends change our monthly cycle experience drastically. The stress-relieving, mood enhancing, anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD are all heightened by thoughtfully chosen synergistic ingredients such as Ashwaganda in our OG blend and Lemon balm and Passion flower in our best-selling Chill blend. We find the greatest benefits during our period when taking these blends sublingually (under the tongue) in conjunction with our topical roll-on for targeted relief. Everyone is different when it comes to dosing, but feel free to roll that Warrior on as many times as your aching belly needs!

As with all herbal remedies, consistent use is key. CBD and Ashwaganda have been known to help with hormonal balance, so for those who feel these fluctuations throughout the month like I do, taking the OG or Chill daily (both include Ashwaganda) is a huge help in relieving those symptoms long term.

Overall, less stress and inflammation are going to positively impact your health throughout the month. Whether you’re rolling some Warrior on your temples to really settle into your Yoga class or meditation, or popping some Chill before walking into a busy household after a long day at work, any chance you can get to take a deep breath- take it. Life can only get better with better health, better periods, and more support from hemp and our planted friends.


Written by one of our Brand Partners, Tonic: Tia Tagliaferro