Manifesting any sort of change starts with self love. It actually can be very difficult to be easy on your body. It sounds simple, but it is a practice that can be discovered through self exploration. We are constantly navigating through a world of perfectionism where it’s impossible to achieve these standards. So how do we achieve high vibe living to fully honor our bodies, minds, and spirits? How can you be willing to see yourself in a new light, open to receiving, and embracing change?

Tapping into a spiritual practice will help you stay grounded, connected, and tuned in with your body. As a Reiki Master myself, I have tried a variety of healing modalities and keep a regular practice.Each morning I start my day slowly, waking up without an alarm (usually around 6am), followed by a meditation. This wasn’t always the case… it was not too long ago, I would wake up completely stressed and overwhelmed about everything that I needed to accomplish that day. I would first grab my phone and scroll through emails already dreading the day before it even started. At this stage in my life, I was definitely not honoring my body, mind, and spirit because I didn’t know how to and I didn’t have the tools to help guide me along the way, especially during the stressful moments. This is exactly the point where you need to shift your mindset. When we shift our perspectives we literally shift our lives. You will see big changes, maybe not all at once, but over time and this is where you start to begin to honor yourself. You will begin to see your life as beautiful and for all of the experiences you received that put you on this spiritual journey.

So let’s break it down…what does energy healing mean and where do I know where to start? Energy healing helps remove blockages by activating the body’s subtle energy systems. Our body begins to find balance once we break these blocks and it starts to actually heal itself. Whoa. There are tons of different ways to receive energy healing, so I would suggest to try a few different healing modalities and find what speaks to you. The Wellness Mercantile taps into various healing practices, with articles written by healers and professionals in the wellness space. Check out your local yoga studio or wellness space, take a workshop, sign up for a meditation class, or download an app. Making these small steps are the beginning to shift your mindset of how you want to honor your body and show up for yourself.

Your self care practice is personal which is also true for energy healing. Connect with a healer that speaks to you and that you feel comfortable with. Let that person be your guide, teacher, and mentor. They will hold space for you and help you energetically break through blockages that may have been holding you back and help you actually feel your feelings through through energy healing. Trust the process and know that you are deserving. Allow yourself to simply receive, honoring your mind, body, and spirit. Enjoy the process and just remember that we are our own best healers. The most powerful healing occurs when we shift our perspective which is the catalyst for change.

Written By: Erica Joy Dunn, Reiki Master and Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Member of the Kali Girl Tribe.