Next time you are out revamping your underwear drawer, take into account how healthy they are for your vagina. We have been wondering what are the best panties for your V. While the average pair will get you through the day, some can cause irritation, yeast infections, and even other types of vaginal infections. After a lot of research, here is a list of things to keep in mind while shopping for new undies.

#1 Make sure they feel comfortable. That sounds like an obvious thing. However, every body is different. Make sure the pair you wear works with your anatomy.

#2 Buy undies that make you feel good. You also want to make sure you are buying the right size and that they are comfortable. If your underwear is too tight, you can get irritated down below.

#3 Try to stick to underwear made with cotton…organic cotton is even better. Cotton is still the best fabric for your vagina. Synthetic fabrics and silk trap moisture which can cause redness and irritation. Cotton is breathable and reduces moisture.

#4 Don’t sit in sweat. You should change out of your sweaty gym clothes and underwear as soon as you can after working out. Moisture causes yeast infections. Keep things dry down there.

Our favorite Undies:

#1 Only Hearts Organic Cotton Thong. We love this brand. This pair in particular is so comfortable and is made from their ultra fine organic supima cotton. Buy them here.

#2 Hanky Panky Organic Cotton V-kini with Lace. If you want sexy underwear, but also want them to be safe for your vagina. The body and crotch of these panties are made with 96% organically grown supima cotton. Buy them here.

#3 Natori Bliss Girl Cotton Brief. We know it is hard to find cotton underwear with all the frills. These offer you both. Leave it to Natori to make cotton look so pretty. Buy them here.