When it comes to periods, we all have a lot of questions especially if you are new to the period tribe. There are several options to pick from during that time of the month to absorb menstrual flow – tampons, pads, panty liners, and many more. Here are a few tampon/period questions we have been asked at Kali:

Are tampons better than pads?
It’s really a personal choice whether tampons are better than pads. Some people find that tampons are better than pads for a few reasons. Tampons can be worn with any type of underwear and with pads the type of underwear you can wear is more restrictive. Also, pads are seen as messier than tampons. Tampons typically don’t leak and if they do, there are panty liners to the rescue. Pads, however, can leak on the edges from time to time and also leave the area pretty messy.

Can I pee with a tampon and how do I dispose of a tampon?
This is a question that comes up often, “Can I pee with a tampon in?” Yes of course! Urinating with a tampon is 100% ok, but you might want to pull the tampon string to the side. Tampons are not inserted into the same location you urinate from. You’ll want to keep the string dry to avoid bacteria. Another common question is “How do I dispose of a tampon?” This really depends on the situation. Most toilets are capable of flushing them. However, it is best to throw them away in the garbage.  Organic Tampon Subscription

Do you gain weight on your period?
Another common question is, “Do you gain weight on your period?” Most of us feel like we have gained weight on our period. Sometimes the fluid retention may make your weight increase a small amount. Fortunately, it’s just bloating. Bloating usually decreases after the first few days of a menstrual cycle and diminishes as it ends.

Who invented the tampon?
Throughout history, women have always used some form of tampons or pads. It wasn’t uncommon to use materials such as wool, paper, or sponges. The Romans introduced us to use cotton. So, exactly who invented the tampon we use today? A physician named Earle Haas invented applicator tampons. Here you can learn more about the history of tampons.

Where can I buy organic tampons and where can I get a tampon subscription box?
All tampons are not created equally. They very by size, absorbency, and the ingredients they are made from. 100% Organic tampons do not use any artificial absorption materials such as synthetic fibers and rayon. They also don’t have GMO or pesticides in the cotton. Kali is the go to for tampon and pad subscription boxes. Choose between a monthly or every-other-month box.

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