It has been quite some time since a natural product has come onto the market offering health and wellness benefits that aid with everyday pain points. We all know that our monthly miracle can be draining, exhausting, and painful. To be honest ladies, when it comes to that time of the month…we need all the help we can get.

Enter CBD oil. A cannabinoid compound extracted from whole plant Cannabis that is non-psychoactive. Medical cannabis use, dates back thousands of years, yet the benefits of CBD have only recently gained in popularity due to it’s miraculous aid in everything ranging from seizures and epilepsy to anxiety and PTSD. A documentary on CNN showcased these benefits and brought this extracted oil to the forefront of the health and wellness industry.

While there are plenty of serious medical conditions that benefit from the cannabinoid, it also helps in numerous ways for that time of the month. Below are the symptoms of PMS that can be eased and alleviated through CBD use and/or consumption.

Pain Relief:

Study’s have shown that CBD oil directly interacts with the brain, nervous and immune system receptors. It can aide with pain relief, in a similar way to regular cannabis without any of the adverse side effects or highs. This is great for relieving pain caused by cramps, as well as head and body aches.


The interactions within the cells and nervous system have also shown to decrease inflammation. This is a wonderful benefit during your period as your cell walls, and uterine lining are inflamed (due to an increase in hormones and prostaglandins) causing bloating and discomfort.

Anxiety or Depression:

Another useful perk of CBD oil is it’s ability to aid in anxiety and depression, which is surprisingly a common side effect during that time of the month. Having your hormones out of wack causes mood swings, aggression, as well as depression and anxiety. Having a natural remedy for this imbalance, that helps maintain balance and peace of mind, is one of the many reason’s CBD is a must-have supplement during PMS.

Ways to Use/Obtain CBD

1. Droppers & Sprays

One common way to find CBD oil is in liquid form via a dropper or a spray. Dropping the oil under your tongue or into your coffee tea is an easy way to obtain the oil. Keep in mind, regulations are still being determined for this relatively new product, so it’s important to ensure the company producing the CDB oil is accurately moderating and testing exactly what you’re purchasing. You can find organic droppers with essital oils including lemon, peppermint, and monk fruit at Cordial Organics starting at $48.

2. In Coffee

As mentioned earlier, CDB oil can be dropped into any drink to be consumed naturally however, coffee shops in major cities including NYC and LA, are infusing the coffee beans with the oil to make it one less step. Flower Power Coffee Company is a category killer when it comes to CBD infused coffee beans (that are also carefully tested and moderated). There are infused coffee brews sold in shops like Antidote Apothecary, Caffeine Underground, and

3. In Food

The likes of CBD oil have also been popping up in restaurants around the country. From infused ice creams, at Van Leeuwen… to The Standard hotel adding the oil to fast-casual salads this is an easy, and tasty way of ingesting the helpful supplement. It also great to add to your own food, whether on the top of an avocado toast, or as a topper to an açaí bowl there are so many ways to get creative with it.

4. In Balms

There is also a topical way to use CBD oil to aid PMS symptoms, Cordial Organics has a balm that is great for that time of the month. Containing cayenne, clove, and ginger.. once applied to the lower abdomen this anti-inflammatory CBD balm heats up creating internal relief.

Written for Kali By: Jordyn Kraemer, @TheBlondeVagabond