Written By Kali Product Partner:  Jennifer Jacobsen, Founder of Aloha Grown Beauty

Initially introduced to Europe by way of South Africa, Rose Geraniums are just one of the few hundred varieties found in the pelargonium family. With its smooth, sweet, and fresh rosy aroma it’s no wonder this aromatic powerhouse has been making healing headlines since it’s first cultivation and distillation in 17th century France.

Rose Geraniums botanical benefits vary from hydrating, calming, and beautifying the skin to being very helpful in bringing balance to the endocrine system. Known as an adaptogenic herb, Rose Geranium can help support your adrenal system and it’s proficiency in managing your hormonal response to stress which in turn is very beneficial to ease imbalances from menopause, postpartum and yes, PMS!

With a plant that has long been cherished for its abilities to promote ease and restore balance, it makes perfect scents (pun intended) that Rose Geranium was the first aromatic we truly fell head over flowers for. Its beautiful floral aroma and harmonizing effect on our senses made it one of the first hydrosols we began to grow and distill.

Our Organic Rose Geranium Hydrosol is made by slowly steaming the leaves and flowers of the Pelargonium ‘attar of roses’ plant. This process is done in small batches to produce a high quality product. These plants are grown in our aromatic gardens in Hana, Maui, Hawaii. We keep all of the plant’s natural essential oils in our products and do not separate them out. This creates a high quality, beautiful, unique, and botanically effective product. There are many different ways to discover balance with our Rose Geranium Balancing Hydrosol.

Here are a few of our personal favorites:

#1 Spray onto face + body daily + repeat as needed.

#2 Add ¼ tsp. to your 8oz beverage of choice.

#3 Add 1oz to your bath for an extra added relaxing bonus.

#4 Simply add 3 sprays to your facial serum and press into skin.

#5 Or maybe it’s cocktail hour? Just spritz into your champagne or cocktail to taste!



Jennifer Jacobsen, Founder of Aloha Grown Beauty