We all know food isn’t the same it was 50 years ago. It doesn’t look the same, it doesn’t taste the same, and it doesn’t have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it once had. Most of it has to do with heavily depleted soil & natural disasters, but also GMO. The demand for food is higher than ever, but do we really need to grow food in a lab in order to feed everyone, or is it actually, just a huge lie?

GMO is an acronym for Genetically Modified Organisms, and the description speaks for itself – they are living organisms who have been genetically modified in a lab through genetic engineering. Sounds great, right? (note the sarcasm)

GMO advocates say that the WHY behind genetic engineering is to withstand the direct application of herbicide, produce an insecticide, develop other traits in our food (such as a resistance to browning fruits and vegetables), and to create different organisms, and therefore, make the food have a longer shelf life and make it food-illness-resistant. Yeah…although in theory that does sound like a good idea, there is actually no evidence that any of the GMOs currently actually make that happen! Doesn’t that sound crazy to you?

For years, we’ve been reading about GMO, been scared by GMO, and also been getting convinced how it’s all for the benefit of society because everything will last longer and they could pull out all the best nutrients from each ingredient to make food more nutritious; when actually, they haven’t even been able to do any of that! So, why is it still being done? And to make it even worse…did you know that although 93% Americans believe GMO food should be labeled, the government didn’t make it required to do so? Meaning…we have zero idea about what we eat. Literally.

I remember, back in high school, there was a kid who got into anaphylactic shock due to a fish allergy, and he didn’t ingest any type of fish product. The doctors later discovered he reacted to cherry tomatoes because of them being GMO. Several cases later, the story about Monsanto adding fish genes into cherry tomatoes broke out and shocked the world…making everything about food suddenly very fishy (pun intended :)).

Monsanto is probably the world’s most known GMO company, and although they call themselves “A Modern Agriculture Company”, and have always claimed to “get humanity better fed”, the whole world is against them, as the herbicide tolerance 80% GMO foods were designed for, consequently are responsible for the creation of superweeds and superbugs which can only be poisoned with even more dangerous poisons than the ones we have right now.

The long-term impacts are still, unfortunately, unknown, but the constantly growing number of food allergies and obese individuals cannot stay unrelated to the problem. In August of this year, Bayer has announced that the conditions for beginning Monsanto integrations were fulfilled, making the acquisition official. Although the point of the merger was creating and investing in innovation because of the alarmingly growing demand for food (estimated to double today’s amount in 2050), farmers are terrified of the consequences it will have not only on some of the new regulations, but also on the crop & seed prices, making it hard for them to keep their businesses sustainable.

As a nutritionist, and generally, a human being on this planet, I am concerned about the “playing God” aspect of this whole situation. Yes, the fact that the population is rapidly growing is true, as well as the fact that the food demand is only going to get worse. And the fact that there’s a lot of crop-illnesses, bacteria, parasites, microbes that can destroy so much produce….I am aware we need to do something about it, but playing with the seeds and crops in a way that isn’t natural doesn’t sound like the best plan we can come up with.

We should be more intelligent than that, right? Cause if we do know all of these facts to be true, we cannot ignore the consequences GMO are already creating – new bacteria, new illnesses, toxicity, messing up people’s hormones because of unnatural cross breedings and seed mash-ups, food intolerances & allergies…and so much more we don’t even know about. Why wait for another 10 years to actually see what kind of damage genetic engineering did to our body when we already know it doesn’t do us any good, and as we discovered, doesn’t even do what it was “meant to” anyway?

There are some amazing groups out there fighting against GMO and Monsanto-like companies, such as The Non-GMO Project who have all sorts of up-to-date information for shoppers, as well as retailers, and are trying to make a difference by educating consumers and providing verified non-GMO choices. Do your research and get some extra knowledge…we all need to be more aware! I’ll leave you with this #FoodForThought today…and hopefully this sparks a conversation we should all be having.

XOX, Karla Tafra

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