The beautiful yet tragic thing about summer is that it’s only three months long. Just as soon as you’re soaking up the rays, lounging at the beach, and BBQing into the sunset, the weather starts to shift and fall comes clearly into view. If you’re like me, summer doesn’t stay NEARLY long enough. However, there are some amazing things we can do that allow you to embrace this inevitably shift and look forward to a new season. I have put together a playful list of things to do in the fall to fully enjoy the changing weather and channel your best life.

Whether it’s the orchards in harvest, the cozy sweater weather, or the changing hues of the leaves, there is something so captivating about fall when done right. There are plenty of experiences that make the transition that much easier, allowing you to happily send off the summer memories you’ve built. Explore somewhere new, snuggle under a blanket on a hayride, or do a fall foliage road trip. Whatever your style, bring on this colorful transition with energy, excitement, and intention.

As the coveted tan-lines start to fade, and the crisp weather subtly reminds us to button up, we begin to shift our mentality away from summer and into a season of change, letting go, and going inward. A lot can happen in the warmer months that can take a toll on us both physically and mentally.  It’s important to take time during this beautiful, natural transition to reflect and dig deeper. Here is a list of things you can do this autumn that will re-inspire you, allowing you to channel your inner goddess, and mentally preparing for winter.

#1 Make Your Own Fall Scent.

The sense of smell is one of the closest senses related to memory. Why not start this new season with an empowering scent  based on what you want to feel, focus on, and attract? Whether you are sweet, citrus, or earthy, there is something for everyone to make and explore. There are perfumeries in lots of major cities including New York and LA. Some even hold monthly events catering to a girls night in. It’s an amazing way to feel connected to your body and pheromones.

#2 Go on a Goddess Retreat.

There are many ways to create space, empowerment, and clarity in times of inevitable change. Joining a women’s retreat based in nature is a sure fire way to reconnect to yourself and also learn how to support others to create lasting community this fall. There are so many programs from yoga and mediation to tantra and wellness. Find a weekend getaway that offers more than just your average R&R.

#3 Get Hands On.

Head out to a local apple orchard. Getting fresh air and into nature with a purpose creates such euphoric energy. There is something about biting into a crisp, cold apple in the middle of the country that truly embodies what fall is all about. Take the apples home and bake a beautiful apple pie. Picking the fruit with your hands, using them to bake an apple pie, and then sharing it with your friends is an incredible gateway into the season of change.

#4 Find the Fall Foliage.

There are places in the US that change colors at different times. It makes it so rewarding to take a trip to see the leaves in all possible hues. Collect the biggest, brightest leaves you can find. Make big piles, rake them up, lay back in them, and remember to embrace this beautiful part of the process. Soak it up with a walk through the park, a hike up a mountain, or a long drive down the coast. Getting lost in nature is one of the greatest parts about Fall.

#5 Take a Hike.

After a busy summer, it feels so nice to slow down, take in the new temperatures, and allow some reflection and self-love to trickle in. A great, meditative way to do this is by going on a hike. You’ll find that going on an incline, listening to your breath, and working through your thoughts is a very healthy way to spend your time. Take time to observe and smell the flowers.

Written for Kali By: Jordyn Kraemer, @TheBlondeVagabond